Since 2008, the Innovation Roundtable® has been organising workshops, meetings and conferences for a steadily growing network of innovation practitioners in large multinational firms.

Below is the archive of past events, including topics, presentations and roundtable discussions.

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Transformative Leadership and Bottom-Up Innovation Culture

Presentations by:
ABB, Google, Prof. Jean-Philippe Deschamps (IMD), Air Liquide


ABB: A Bottom-Up Innovation Initiative and Its Impact on Innovation Culture

Emer. Prof. Jean-Philippe Deschamps (IMD Lausanne): The Eight Behavioural Attributes of Bottom-Up Innovation Leaders

Roundtable Discussion / Task Force

Google: Inspiring a Culture of Innovation: Insights from Google

Roundtable Discussion / Task Force

Air Liquide: Building a Culture of Innovation: The Role of Learning and Technical Community Leaders

Roundtable Discussion / Task Force

Drinks on the premises

Innovation for the Future Technology Trends & Unmet Customer Needs

Presentations by:
DHL, Google, Evonik, Zumtobel


DHL: Demystifying Trends at DHL: Researching Trends and Converting Them into Business Opportunities

Roundtable Discussion

Zumtobel: Designing the Future of Business

Roundtable Discussion

Evonik: Digitalization: A Corporate Foresight Approach

Google: Google ZOO on Innovation & Design Thinking

Roundtable Discussion

Drinks on the premises / Tour of DHL Innovation Center (upon registration)

Succeding with Breakthrough Innovation and Service-Oriented Business Models

Presentations by:
Philips Healthcare, Airbus, DSM, Rolls-Royce


Philips Healthcare: Risk Sharing Business Models in HealthTech – Innovating with Our Customers

Roundtable Discussion

Airbus: Developing New Business by Commercializing Internal Ideas

Roundtable Discussion

DSM: A Decade of Experience in Organizing Disruptive Innovation

Rolls-Royce: Moving from First Generation TotalCare to the next Generation of Digitally Enhanced Service

Roundtable Discussion

Drinks on the premises

Special Interest Group on New Business Creation & Business Model Innovation

Presentations by:
Shell, Airbus, Philips Healthcare, Nokia, W.L. Gore


Shell: 20 Years of Shell GameChanger: The Ongoing Quest for Disruptive Innovation

Introductory session to bring out key issues – and opportunities for learning within the group

Teasers: Individual SIG members introduce issues for discussion (and collaboration)

Collaborative Marketplace (two rounds): Discussion at posters on the issues of the workshop (see subtitles above) and on any other new business creation topics proposed and owned by individual SIG members

Mini Presentations:
 Airbus: Evolving New Businesses: Trial-And-Error vs. A Structured and Vision-Driven Approach
 Philips Healthcare: Leveraging Start-Up Methodologies for Business Creation
 Nokia: Succeeding with Intrapreneurial Bootcamps
 W.L. Gore: Applying the Lean Start Up Concept in a Large Enterprise – Experiences and Challenges

Roundtable Discussion (two rounds)

Collaborative Marketplace and way forward for task forces

Front End: Crowdsourcing, Idea Generation, and Design Thinking

Presentations by:
Mazda, Novozymes, Bosch, Deutsche Telekom, Covestro


Mazda: Welcome

Roundtable Discussion

Panel: Internal Crowdsourcing

Novozymes: Collaborative Online Innovation

Bosch: Leveraging Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) for Innovation

Roundtable Discussions

Deutsche Telekom: From Desigh Thinking to Design Doing

Covestro: Front End Innovation Initiatives – How to Inspire Employees

Panel and plenary sharing

Drinks on the premisesforces

• Culture of Collaboration, Trust and Entrepreneurship
• Industry 4.0, 3D Printing, Internet of Things - and the Role of Startups

Presentations by:
Airbus, Rolls-Royce, 3M, Swisscom, Konica Minolta, Henkel, Siemens


Airbus: Building a Culture of Innovation: It Is All About Collaboration – Connecting People and Ideas

Roundtable Discussion

Panel: The Soft Factors in Innovation with Rolls-Royce, 3M and more

Roundtable Discussion

Konica Minolta: The Art of Creating a Dynamic Innovation Culture: The Intrapreneurship Mindset

Roundtable Discussion

Drinks on the premises


Airbus: Factory of the Future

Roundtable Discussion

Henkel: Cases in 3D Printing and IoT: The Role of the Innovation Ecosystem

Roundtable Discussion

Siemens: Working with Start-ups to Jointly Innovate at the “Frontier” of Industry 4.0

Plenary Sharing

Drinks on the premises / Tour

• New Business Creation & Ambidexterity
• Innovation Culture & Leadership

Presentations by:
W.L. Gore, Charles O'Reilly III (Stanford University), Johnson & Johnson, Andy Binns (Claremont University), Gina O'Connor (Lally School of Management), Procter & Gamble, Bosch


W.L. Gore: Innovative Problem Solving at Gore – A Historical Perspective

Charles O’Reilly III (Stanford University): Lead and Disrupt

Individual Reflection. Roundtable Discussion. Plenary Sharing

Charles O’Reilly III (Stanford University) and Andy Binns (Claremont University): Getting Started with Ambidexterity

Johnson & Johnson: Co-Create New Business Opportunities

Roundtable Discussion

Drinks on the premises


Gina O’Connor (Lally School of Management): Building a Breakthrough Innovation Capability

Roundtable Discussion

Panel: Succesful Approaches for Creating New Businesses within Large Firms with P&G, Gina O’Connor and more

Bosch: Fostering a Culture of Innovation: Practical Approaches and Leadership Behaviors

Roundtable Discussion

Gina O’Connor (Lally School of Management): Challenges Companies Face in Retaining Innovation Expertise

Plenary Sharing

Drinks on the premises

Open Innovation Tech Scouting, Crowdsourcing, and the Startup Ecosystem

Presentations by:


ENGIE: Open Innovation Initiatives and Collaboration with Startups

Roundtable Discussion

BMW: Technology Scouting for Emerging Technologies: Smart Devices and Augmented Vision for Vehicles of the Future

LEGO: Crowdsourcing: Nurturing and Leveraging an External Community of Contributors

Roundtable Discussion

BASF: Technology Scouting: The Need for Openness, a Strong Network, and Effective Startup Collaborations

Roundtable Discussion

Drinks on the premises

Digital Transformation Enhancing Customer Experience Through Digital Ecosystems and Leveraging Productivity & Cost Improvements

Presentations by:
Electrolux, Henkel & Ecosystem Partners, Shell, General Electric


Electrolux: Designing an Outstanding Connected Consumer Experience that Delivers Consumer and Business Value

Henkel & Ecosystem Partners: Strong Ecosystem Making Smart Packaging a Reality to Enable the Internet of Things – Joint presentation by six partners in the ecosystem of a digital value proposition

Roundtable Discussion

Shell: The Digital Switch: Evolution or Revolution for The Energy Industry

General Electric: How The Industrial Internet Transforms Business Models and Enables Superior Customer Outcomes

Panel & Plenary Sharing

Exploration & Incubation of New Business Models – and the Role of Innovative Spaces

Presentations by:
Bosch, BASF, Philips


Bosch: Start-ups in Corporates: Systematically Radical

Roundtable Discussion

BASF: Business Model Centric Innovation Management – Concepts & Experiences

Roundtable Discussions

Philips: The Digital Accelerator: Using Lean Startup, Design Thinking, and Partnering to Offer New-To-The-World and Integrated Offerings

Bosch: Developing Innovative Spaces: The Story of the Renningen Research Campus to Enhance Communication and Innovation

Panel & Plenary Sharing

Special Interest Group on New Business Creation & Business Model Innovation

Presentations by:
Bosch, Carl Zeiss, Dow Corning, Daimler, Evonik, Airbus


Teasers: Individual SIG members introduce issues for discussion (and collaboration)

Collaborative Marketplace

Bosch: Why Corporates Still Struggle in Developing & Implementing Innovative Business Models
Carl Zeiss: The Digital Innovation Lab: How to Accelerate Smart Connected Product Innovations and New Business Models
Dow Corning: Capitalizing on Partnership in the New Business Model
Daimler: Startup Autobahn: Fueling Innovation Through Corporate Collaboration with Startups
Evonik: Leveraging Startups for Innovation: Collaboration and/or Investment
Airbus: Using IP to Create New Businesses

Roundtable Discussions

Collaborative Marketplace and way forward for task forces

Innovation Roundtable® Summit 2016 The world's largest gathering of innovation executives from large firms

The third edition of the Innovation Roundtable® Summit was the world’s largest gathering of innovation executives from large multinational firms:

– Attendend by 530 innovation executives representing over 220 multinational companies
– 40 senior corporate speakers and experts
– 7 tracks on different innovation themes

Working with Startups
to Fuel Innovation
Cases and Lessons Learned in Leveraging Startups for Innovation

Presentations by:
Unilever Foundry, Telefonica, Castrol InnoVentures, Tony Fish


Unilever Foundry: From Start-Up to Scale-Up: Collaborating With Entrepreneurs to Pioneer the Future

Panel Unilever Foundry’s Collaboration with Three Startups; with Unilever Foundry, Codec, Sampler, Vidsy

Roundtable Discussion

Short Presentations and Panel Discussion on Startup Collaboration

Telefonica: Lessons Learned after 5 Years of Wayra & Open Future

Castrol InnoVentures (BP): Experiences of Castrol InnoVentures using venturing as a tool to explore and build new businesses

Tony Fish: The Opportunities of Digital Fabrication and the Role of Startups in Seizing Them


Roundtable Discussion

Fireside Chat Experiences and Lessons Learned from both sides of a Corporate-Startup Partnership; with Castrol InnoVentures (BP) and GreenSteam

Roundtable Discussion

Visit of Wayra UK – Telefonica’s Startup Accelerator


Innovation Culture and Leadership

Presentations by:
3M, Unilever, Julian Birkinshaw (LBS), McLaren, Reckitt Benckiser, Rolls-Royce, Alcatel-Lucent


Discussion of topics of choice + Brunch

3M: Nurturing a Culture of Innovation

Unilever: Relationship Building in Partnership Development

Roundtable Discussion / Tour

Prof. Julian Birkinshaw (London Business School): Creating the Right Environment for Innovation to Flourish

Roundtable Discussion / Tour


Reckitt Benckiser: Cross-Functional Entrepreneurship as the Driving Force For Innovation

Roundtable Discussion

Rolls-Royce: Innovation Is a Team Sport: Getting the Most Out of Collaboration

Alcatel-Lucent: Making R and D Seamless: Distinctive Leadership Requirements for Managing Research and for Integrating Inventions to Development

Roundtable Discussion

McLaren: Driven to Win

Roundtable Discussion

Drinks on the premises

Building New Business Platforms Foresighting and Organizing for New Business Creation

Presentations by:
Volvo, DSM, DHL


Volvo Group: From Foresight to Innovation: Principles to Get From Insights to Action

Roundtable Discussion

DSM: A Decade of Experience in Organizing Disruptive Innovation

Roundtable Discussion

DHL: Demystifying Trends: Delivering Insight Today – Creating Value Tomorrow

Plenary Sharing

Drinks on the premises

Digitally Driven Innovation Opportunities, Startup Collaboration & Organizational Alignment

Presentations by:


HEINEKEN: HEINEKEN’s Digital Innovation Journey: From Marketing to Digitally Driven Innovation and Startup Collaboration

Philips: Innovating in an Evolving Digital Age

Roundtable Discussion

BMW: Building Organizational Capabilities to Address Opportunities of Digital Business Models

Roundtable Discussion

BP: The Digital Oil Field

Roundtable Discussion

Drinks on the premises / Tour

Business Model Innovation and Moving Beyond Products Into Services

Presentations by:
HP, Merck Serono, Bosch, Philips, Siemens, Tim Baines (Aston)


Arrival and Discussion of topics of choice

HP: Portfolio Management and Agile Development Using the Business Model Canvas

Roundtable Discussion

Merck Serono: Using Crowd Sourcing and Incubation to Foster Business Model Innovation

Bosch: Systematic Handling of Uncertainty for New Markets and Business Models

Roundtable Discussion

Drinks on the premises


Philips: Service Innovation: Bridging Philips Research and Healthcare and Getting Closer to Customers

Roundtable Discussion

Siemens: “Leverage Service @ Siemens”: A Program to Exploit Internal Synergies and Build New Businesses

Roundtable Discussion

Prof. Tim Baines (Aston Business School): Made to Serve: How manufacturers can compete through servitization

Roundtable Discussion

Drinks on the premises

Innovation in China Leveraging Innovation & Collaboration Opportunities in China

Presentations by:
Dow Corning, Bayer MaterialSicence, Solvay, Intel, PSA Peugeout Citroen, Unilever, Lenovo, Shell


Dow Corning: China Customer Distinction and B2B Innovation

Roundtable Discussion

Bayer MaterialScience: Experiences From Almost 15 Years of R&D in Shanghai: Phases, Challenges, and Opportunities

Roundtable Discussion

Solvay: E2P2 Lab – Managing a Collaborative Research & Innovation Hub in Shanghai

Intel: How China-originated Innovations Disrupted the Wireless Industry

Roundtable Discussion

Drinks on the premises


PSA Peugeot Citroen: Innovation Process and New Business Model Creation in the Specific Context of Joint- Ventures in China

Roundtable Discussion

Unilver: Unilever Open Innovation in China

Lenovo: The Challenge for Designers to Innovate at Low Cost in China

Roundtable Discussion

Shell: Innovation in the Chinese Ecosystem

Drinks on the premises

Design Thinking and Collaborative Innovation in the Front End

Presentations by:
Mazda, Nestlé, Swarovski, Siemens


Mazda: Collaborative Innovation as a Basis for Success in the Automotive Industry

Roundtable Discussion

Nestlé: The Need for Design Thinking in the Innovation Process – and the Demand for Designers to Scout for New Technologies

Swarovski: Experiences From Open Innovation at Swarovski – and the Application of Design Thinking in the Partner Engagement Process

Hosted Discussions

Siemens: The Story of Industrial Design Thinking at Siemens: Organizational Approaches and Lessons Learned

Hosted Discussions

Drinks on the premises

Technology Enabled Business Model Innovation

Presentations by:
Shell, Tim Minshall (Cambridge), Bosch, Jaguar Land Rover


Shell: How Technology and Connectivity is Changing Industries: The Case of the Future of Mobility

Roundtable Discussion

Tim Minshall (Cambridge University): The Impacts of 3D Printing on Business Model Innovation

Bosch: Business Model Innovation for IoT Opportunities: Examples, Methodology and Organizational Competences

Hosted Discussions

Jaguar Land Rover: Digital Transformation for OEMs: Enhancing Products, Customer Relationships, and Internal Operations

Panel and Plenary Sharing

Drinks on the premises

Corporate Entrepreneurship Building a Culture and Organization for Ambitious Innovation

Presentations by:
IBM, Philips, Solvay, Alcatel-Lucent


IBM: Driving Sustained Innovation in a Globally Integrated Enterprise

Roundtable Discussion

Philips: Corporate Venturing and New Business Creation: Organizational Models and the Culture of Startups

Solvay: Breakthrough Innovation in Sustainable Energy: Making Room for Long-Term Projects and Aligning with Business Units

Roundtable Discussion

Alcatel-Lucent: The Cookbook for Succeeding with Intrapreneurial Bootcamps

Roundtable Discussion

Drinks on the premises

Innovation Roundtable® Summit 2015 The largest gathering in Europe of innovation executives from large firms

The second edition of the Innovation Roundtable® Summit was the largest gathering in Europe of innovation executives from large multinational firms:

– Attendend by 500 innovation executives representing over 150 multinational companies
– 40 senior corporate speakers and experts
– 7 tracks on different innovation themes
– 150 interactive roundtable discussions

External Innovation Co-Creation, Tech Scouting, and Startup Collaboration

Presentations by:
BASF, E.ON, Philips, Siemens


BASF: The 150 Year Anniversary Program for Co-Creation: Objectives, Approach and Lessons Learned

BASF: Developing Disruptive Innovation in the Incubation Unit: Governance, Technology Scouting, and the ‘Grand Challenge’

E.ON: Experiences and Lessons Learned in Technology Scouting and Collaboration

Roundtable Discussion

Philips: Leveraging IoT Within the Lighting Industry: Using a Systematic Open Innovation Method to Create New Business Opportunities Together With Digital Players

Roundtable Discussion

Siemens: Co-Ideation at Siemens: An Open Innovation Approach to Connecting Knowledge and Creativity Inside and Outside of a Multinational Organization

Roundtable Discussion

Drinks on the premises


Breakthrough Innovation Transforming the Core Business and Venturing into New Opportunity Spaces

Presentations by:
GE Global Research, BASF, BMW, 3M New Ventures, Innovation Roundtable

GE Global Research Europe: Think Local, Act Global” … Managing (Breakthrough) Innovation at GE
Discussion of selected innovation topics
BASF: Internal Start-Ups – An Excellent Way to Support Disruptive Innovation!
BMW: Beating the Odds in Breakthrough Innovation: The Mini-Scooter and the Role of BMW’s Internal Crowdsourcing Platform in Making it Happen
Roundtable Discussion: Creating breakthrough innovation and building new businesses internally
3M New Ventures: Finding the Needle in the Haysack
Roundtable Discussion: Identifying and nurturing external start-ups for new business creation
Innovation Roundtable: Challenges and Capabilities in Breakthrough Innovation
Discussion of challenges: Each attendee introduces an issue in managing (breakthrough) innovation and other group members provide input.
Drinks on the premises

Perspectives on Open Innovation Enhancing External Collaboration Effectiveness and Internal Openness

Presentations by:
Philips, DSM, Mars

Philips: Our Journey in Open Innovation
Roundtable Discussion of key challenges and issues in open innovation
DSM: Open Innovation in Action at Royal DSM
Mars: Creating Mutual Co-Development Relations
Roundtable Discussion of questions emerging from morning presentations and discussion
Collaborative Marketplace and Special Interest Groups: discussion of selected innovation topics and projects
Drinks on the premises

Guiding Innovation with Foresighting Setting the Course and the Role of Sustainability; Best Foresighting Practices, Cases, and Exercises

Presentations by:
Novozymes, Unilever, Henkel, Siemens

Novozymes: Foresighting Perspectives from Novozymes
Unilever: Trends-Strategy-Action
Roundtable Discussion: The role of foresighting and strategy in guiding innovation – and the significance of the sustainability agenda in companies and industries represented
Henkel: Corporate Foresight at Henkel – Lighting as an Example
Roundtable Discussion: Using trends and foresighting to create search fields to drive scouting and innovation
Siemens: Interactive Foresight Session
Roundtable Discussion: Sharing of experiences from the trend excercise – and key take-aways from the workshop day
Drinks on the premises

Innovation Culture, Leadership, and Teams The Soft Underbelly of Effective Innovation

Presentations by:
Henkel, Airbus, Siemens, Constellium, AkzoNobel

Short presentations on Innovation culture, leadership, and teams:
Henkel: Success Factors for the Implementation of an Innovation Strategy
Airbus: Culture Change: Key Enablers for Implementing an Innovation Development Program
Siemens: Diversity to Enlarge the Potential for Ideas and Innovation
Constellium: (Radical) Innovation Unit: How to Attract and Retain the Right Team?
AkzoNobel: Innovation and Risk Management: Two Cultures – One Goal

18 parallel roundtable discussions in three rounds:
For each of the three discussion rounds during the afternoon, there will be a selection of 18 parallel roundtable sessions, each hosted by a moderator from a large firm (including the morning presenters)

Plenary wrap-up: Sharing of insights from roundtable discussions

Drinks on the premises

Perspectives on Corporate Collaboration with Start-ups Working With, and Learning From, Start-ups

Presentations by:
Unilever, Dow, Tate & Lyle, Vodafone xone, Tony Fish

Unilever: Collaborating with Start-ups to Pioneer the Future
Roundtable Discussion: Challenges and solutions for working with start-ups
Dow: Dow Corporate Venturing – A Collaborative Partner
Tate & Lyle: Working With Start-Ups: Combining the Open Innovation and Venture Capital Approaches at Tate & Lyle
Vodafone xone: Find it, Build it, Launch it
Roundtable Discussion: Selection of different discussion topics all related to collaborating with start-ups (and to combining such collaboration with CV investment)
Tony Fish: The Battle for Innovation: Big vs Small
Roundtable Discussion: Moderated discussions on selected aspects of the presentations of the day
Drinks on the premises

Designing and Maturing New Business Models Business Model Geeration and Elaboration

Presentations by:
Boston Scientific, Christian Doll, Frédéric Oms, Airbus

Boston Scientific: Redefining the Future of Healthcare
Roundtable Discussion: Sharing insights on key changes (threats or opportunities) impacting the business models of attendees
Christian Doll: Let’s Design New Growth Engines: Exercise to Map and Reinvent Your Business Model
Roundtable discussion: Delving into selected cross-industry forces and patterns of change to explore their potential impact on business models – and available responses
Frédéric Ooms: The Role of Design Thinking and the Lean Start-Up Methodology in Building New Business Models
Airbus Group: Creating Internal Startups and Elaborating Business Models at the Innovation Nursery
Roundtable Discussion:Choice of discussion: (1) testing, evolving, and elaborating new business models; and (2) organising for incubation of new growth engines (internal start-ups)
Drinks on the premises

Beyond Products: Growth through Services and Solutions Learnings and Cases in Servitization of Product Firms

Presentations by:
Boston Scientific, Chris Raddats, Schneider Electric, Daimler

Boston Scientific: Transformation From a Device Orientation to Becoming a Services and Solutions Provider
Roundtable Discussion:Initiatives and challenges in moving into services and solutions
Dr. Chris Raddats: Services and Solutions: A New Source of Growth for Manufacturing Firms
Roundtable Discussion: Service offerings provided, benefits experienced, organisational and cultural hurdles encountered, and lessons learned – according to the level of servitization (Services Doubters, Pragmatists, and Enthusiasts)
Schneider Electric: Business Model Innovation in the Electrical Equipment Sector
Daimler: Cases and Lessons Learned in Business Model Innovation and Moving Into Services
Roundtable Discussion: Selection of topic: (1) Building service portfolios; (2) organising for services; and (3) developing capabilities for servitization

New Businesses Creation: Organisation & Incubation Building New Businesses While Running the Core

Presentations by:
Tetra Pak, Grundfos, Danfoss, Deutsche Telekom

Tetra Pak: Tetra Pak’s Challenges of Incubating New Products and Business Models
Roundtable Discussion: Challenges and solutions in new business creation
Grundfos: Grundfos’ New Business Creation Journey and Lessons Learned
Danfoss: Building Governance and Capabilities to Extend the Core Business (at Danfoss)
Roundtable Discussion: Organising for new business creation
Deutsche Telekom: Intrapreneuring as a Key to Change Your Company
Roundtable Discussion: Incubating new businesses
Drinks on the premises

Front End of Innovation and Portfolio Management Generating & Selecting Customer Centric Ideas

Presentations by:
Bayer MaterialScience, Electrolux, Philips Healthcare

Bayer MaterialScience: Integrated Portfolio Management Across Bayer MaterialScience’s Three Businesses – and the Role of Non-Financial Perspectives
Roundtable Discussion: Challenges and solutions in innovation portfolio management
Electrolux: Innovation Portfolio Management at Electrolux
Roundtable Discussion: Selection between multiple topics related to innovation portfolio management
Philips Healthcare: How to turn Customer Insights into Innovation that drives Company Profits
Roundtable Discussion: Selection of a topic of interest:
1) integrating portfolio management across businesses
2) the role of non-financial perspectives
3) the role of market intelligence
4) value-based pricing models for profitable innovation portfolio decisions
Drinks on the premises / Tour of Bayer MaterialScience’s Exhibition Rooms

Innovation Roundtable® Summit 2014 The largest gathering in Europe of innovation executives from large firms

The Innovation Roundtable® Summit 2014 was the largest gathering in Europe of innovation executives from large firms

– Attendend by 400 innovation executives representing over 150 multinational companies
– 40 senior corporate speakers and experts
– 4 tracks on different innovation themes
– 200 interactive roundtable discussions

Company Transformation Aligning the Organisation for Open Innovation

Presentations by:
Shell, Bühler, Beiersdorf

Shell: Making the Elephant Dance: Sustaining a High Performance Innovation Company
Roundtable Discussion: Transforming a company, aligning processes, and getting internal buy-in for (open) innovation.
Bühler: Breaking Down Internal Silos and Building a Culture of Open Innovation
Roundtable Discussion: Creating a culture of open innovation
Beiersdorf: Cultural pitfalls in implementing a platform for co-creating with external innovators
Roundtable Discussion: Sharing best practices in open innovation.
Drinks on the premises


Business Model Innovation Moving Into Services and Building the Organisation and Ecosystem

Presentations by:
Daimler, DSM, Siemens

Daimler: Business Model Innovation at Daimler
Roundtable Discussion: Business Model Innovation in your industry and by your company
DSM: Business Model Innovation: Moving Beyond Product Innovation
Roundtable Discussion: Moving into services – and associated challenges
Siemens: Critical Success Factors in Managing Business Ecosystems
Roundtable Discussion: Critical success factors for business model innovation, including building ecosystems and aligning the organisation
Daimler Plant Tour

Customer Centric Innovation Leveraging Customer Insights and Building a Market Oriented Organisation for Innovation

Presentations by:
DHL, Innovation Roundtable, DE Master Blenders, Philips

DHL: Customer Innovation at DHL
Innovation Roundtable: Tools for Unearthing Hidden Customer Needs
Roundtable Discussion: Experiences with customer insight methods and involving users
DE Master Blenders: Involving Consumers in the Innovation Process: Effectiveness of Traditional vs. New Approaches to Consumer Research
Roundtable Discussion: Adapting tools to project needs – and the value of sophisticated deployment
Philips: The Philips Journey: Shifting from Making Things Better to Meaningful Innovation
Roundtable Discussion: Building customer centricity into all innovation-related activities – and the journey to that state
DHL Innovation Center Tour

Corporate Entrepreneurship Organising for Growth, Stimulating Intrapreneurship, and Creating Conditions for Venture Teams to Thrive

Presentations by:
Unilever, Pernod Ricard, Alcatel-Lucent, Danfoss IXA, CBS & Bombardier Transportation, Venture Cup

Unilever New Business Unit: The Evolution of Corporate Entrepreneurship at Unilever
Roundtable Discussion: Evolution of corporate entrepreneurship in your company and the pros & cons of different approaches
Pernod Ricard: Breakthrough Innovation at Pernod Ricard: BIG & the Kangaroo Fund
Alcatel-Lucent: Intrapreneurial Boot Camps – A Powerful Stage in the Innovation Funnel
Roundtable Discussion: Stimulating the generation of new business concepts internally and the application of entrepreneurial bootcamps in your firm
Danfoss IXA: It’s all about People – Staging your Corporate Environment for a Venture Take-off
Roundtable Discussion: Creating internal buy-in for new business concepts and building and nurturing the venture team
CBS & Bombardier Transportation: Creating University Competitions to Solve Impossible Innovation Challenges – A Research Project Open for Partnership
Venture Cup: A University-Based Start-Up Competition

Collaborative Innovation Aligning Culture & Processes for Collaboration and Initiating Joint Projects

Presentations by:
P&G, Philips, Dow Chemical

P&G: A Short Introduction to P&G’s “Connect & Develop”
P&G: Horizontal Collaboration in Practice: Myths and Facts
Philips: Learning to Embrace Outside-In Innovation: Aligning Culture and Processes
Roundtable Discussion: Aligning culture and processes in support of collaborative innovation
Dow Chemical: Finding and Building Technology Growth Options
Roundtable Discussion: Assessing collaboration potential and selecting collaboration model
Collaborative Projects Marketplace (for initiating joint projects) – exploration of collaboration opportunities; Innovation Topics Discussion (for knowledge transfer on selected topics). – sharing of insights and experiences on innovation topics of joint interest
Drinks on the premises

Business Model Mapping & Reinvention A Systematic Approach to Business Model Innovation

Presentations by:
KLM, Siemens, HILTI

KLM: About an Airline Exploring Business Model Innovation
Siemens: A Systematic Approach to Business Model Innovation: Method, Tools and Processes
Business Model Design Factory: As-is business modelling and analysis of current strengths and weaknesses using a structured approach and template
Hilti: Fleet Management – Launching a Business Model Innovation at Hilti
Business Model Design Factory: Inspiration from patterns – discussion
Business Model Design Factory: Ideation based on patterns and triggers, development of prototype, and Idea Fair
Roundtable discussion: Experiences and lessons learned from the Business Model Design Factory – and ideas for new business model designs that emerged during the process
Business Model Design Factory: Growth perspective: Customer demand analysis; customer profile maps; value proposition design
Roundtable Discussion: Ideas and insights that emerged on customer demand, profile maps, and value propositions – and experiences and approaches in your firm for working with value propositions to generate growth
Drinks on the premises

Concept Discovery and Portfolio Management Customer Driven Idea Enrichment and Linking Innovation to Strategic Growth Option

Presentations by:
Vodafone, Startupbootcamp, Electrolux, DSM

Vodafone: Open Innovation @ Vodafone The Netherlands
Statupbootcamp: Building Startups within Vodafone
Electrolux: Product Planning – How to “Land” Innovation Opportunities in Five-Year Product (Cycle) Plans
Roundtable Discussion: Customer driven concept discovery – and ensuring a link from new concepts to strategy and business needs
Brief visit to the Startupbootcamp, housed by Vodafone
DSM: Ventures’ Portfolio Management at DSM: Building Leadership Positions in New Markets
Roundtable Discussion: Managing the portfolio of innovation opportunities – and building strategic positions
Drinks on the premises

Teaching an Old Company New Tricks Collaborating with Start-Ups, Organising for Business Model Innovation, and Identifying Applications for Technology-Intensive Ventures

Presentations by:
Total, Lux Research, Unilever, Henkel

Total: Developing Cleantech through Partnerships: Small and Big are More Beautiful Together
Lux Research: The Odd Couple: Corporate Strategies to Extract Maximum Value from Collaborations with Start-ups in your Innovation Ecosystem
Roundtable Discussion: Distinctive features of working with start-ups – and successful approaches for such collaboration
Unilever New Business Unit: New Business Models that Bring Disruptive New Opportunities to Consumer Products – and the Role of Start-Ups as Enablers of Disruption
Roundtable Discussion: Ways of partnering and organising for business model innovation
Henkel (Adhesive Technologies): Shifting From Technology Push to a Balanced Approach: Don’t Forget the Application
Roundtable Discussion: Building new businesses from technology discovery – guiding technology invention with market vision
Drinks on the premises

Master Class on New Business Creation Strategizing, Organizing, Processes, Culture & Entrepreneurship, Co-Creation & Ecosystems

Facilitators: Corina Kuipers, Expert in NBC, CVNN (formerly Philips)
Axel Rosenø, Innovation Roundtable, CEO
Introducing New Business Creation (NBC) Capabilities: A framework for NBC
Strategy and Business Creation: Objectives with NBC, granularity of innovation, trends & scenarios, innovation themes & platforms, and performance management systems for NBC
Roundtable Discussion: Your firm’s objective with NBC – and positioning of NBC within broader innovation efforts
Organising for Business Creation: Balancing the need for separation (forgetting) and integration (borrowing) at different stages of a venture’s life-cycle
Processes for Business Creation:The need for an iterative approach (controlled experimentation) as well as a process characterised by discovery, incubation, and acceleration
Roundtable Discussion: (A) Controlled experimentation for evolving ventures and (B) balancing forgetting and borrowing at different venture stages. Parallel discussion tracks.
Culture & Entrepreneurship of Business Creation: Climate for entrepreneur-ship, the five principles of effectuation, and team composition for NBC
Roundtable Discussion: Applying the five principles of effectuation
Co-Creation & Ecosystems for Business Creation: Create platforms and build new ecosystems by co-creating with start-ups, universities, and others in a patchwork of hedged and staged partnerships
Roundtable Discussion:Topics of choice from themes covered during the day

Breakthrough Innovation: Management System and Roles & Responsibilities Building a Mature Capability for Breakthrough Innovation; Developing Talents for Breakthrough Innovation and Defining Roles & Responsibilities

Presentations by:
Prof. Gina O'Connor, Shell GameChanger, Novozymes

Prof. Gina O’Connor: Building a Capability for Breakthrough Innovation
Professor Gina O’Connor, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at Lally School of Management, renowned author of the book Grabbing Lightning
Shell GameChanger: A Safe Place to Get Ideas Started
Joint Q&A: The two morning presenters take questions
Roundtable Discussion: Developing mature breakthrough innovation capabilities – and sustaining investments in breakthrough innovation
Prof. Gina O’Connor:Institutionalizing Breakthrough Innovation through People: Roles and Responsibilities for a New Business Creation Function
Novozymes: The Journey to Build Business Creation Capabilities at Novozymes – the Role of Talent and Training
Roundtable Discussion: Talent development, roles & responsibilities, and recognition for intrapreneurs

Co-Creation in B2B and B2C Finding New Sources of Innovation and Growth; Partnering Beyond Value Chain Relationships; Harnessing Innovation with Co-Ideation and Jams

Presentations by:
Evonik, PepsiCo, Siemens, LEGO

Evonik: Open Innovation and Co-Creation at Evonik Industries
PepsiCo: Think Differently…Design and Incubate for Success
Siemens: Co-Ideation at Siemens: An Open Innovation Approach to Connecting the Organisation’s Knowledge and Creativity
LEGO: Co-Creating with User Communities – Cases and Learnings from Different Levels of User Involvement
Roundtable Discussion: Framing co-creation issues – and questions for the panel
Panel Discussion: Experiences with Co-Creation
Roundtable Discussion: Dedicated B2B and B2C tables with discussions on identifying, and interacting with, novel partners – and setting up co-ideation sessions/innovation jams
Co-Creation Marketplace (for initiating joint projects). Exploration of co-creation opportunities
Innovation Topics Discussion (for knowledge transfer on selected topics). Sharing of insights and experiences on innovation topics of joint interest
Drinks on the premises

Perspectives on New Business Creation A Tour De Force of Innovation-Driven Growth Cases, Best Practices, and Discussion

Presentations by:
IBM, Philips, Airbus, Siemens, Dow Corning, Stora Enso, SKF and more

6 October

10 short presentations on New Business Creation, including:
IBM: Technology Partnering and Licensing Alliances. Early Market Feedback and IP Income
Dow Corning: The Need for Collaboration when Building New Businesses in a B-to-B-to-C Environment. The Role of Transparency and Trust
Siemens: Corporate Foresight – or Travel the Future!
W.L. Gore: Innovation = Invention + Market Delivery. The Role of Innovative Business Models in Bringing New Products to Market
Stora Enso: Re-thinking Stora Enso: Going from raw material provider to biomass processor
Danfoss: Corporate Driven Innovation. Insights from 10 Years of Running a Global Innovation Competition
Henkel: Discovery & Incubation of Emerging Technologies
SKF: Business & Tech. Enablers for Innovation Driven Growth
Alfa Laval: Radical Innovation Ventures – Our Way to “Prove” Customer Value & Business Models in High Risk Inn. Activities.

Vattenfall: Assessing New Tech. Supporting Future Business
4 roundtable sessions:
• Each presenter stays at one of the 14 tables to moderate roundtable discussions at that table.
• Other attendees select a table for each discussion round based on their special interests

Plenary wrap-up: insights from discussions.

7 October
IBM: Building New Businesses and Transforming IBM: The Role of Emerging Technologies and New Markets
Philips Research: Innovation Strategy and Portfolio Management at Philips Research: Building Technology Options for Future Growth
Innovation Roundtable: Results from a Case Study on New Business Creation in Large Firms
Roundtable Discussion: On stimulating, and providing strategic direction for, new business creation in large firms
Airbus: Innovation Delivering Value. How to Transform Innovation Challenges into Business Opportunities?
Roundtable Discussion: On selecting new business opportunities and managing the portfolio of options.

Innovation Leadership and Culture Culture and Leadership Capabilities for Innovation

Presentations by:
Prof. Jean-Philippe Deschamps (IMD), MANN+HUMMEL

Emer. Prof. Jean-Philippe Deschamps: Promoting Innovation Governance and Leadership
Emeritus Professor Jean-Philippe Deschamps, IMD Lausanne, author of the books “Innovation Leadership” and “Innovation Governance”
Roundtable Discussion – choice of topic: 1) innovation governance practices and initiatives for improving these; and 2) identifying and honing innovation leadership skills
Mann+Hummel: Beyond Engineering and Quality – How a Conservative Private Company Relearned Innovation Globally
Emer. Prof. Jean-Philippe Deschamps: Building an Innovation Culture and Climate
Roundtable Discussion: Evaluation of innovation culture – and managerial actions for improving upon it
End-of-Year Tapas and Drinks


Open Innovation

Presentations by:
LEGO, DHL, Reckitt Benckiser, Straumann, Evonik

LEGO: Connecting the Dots
Reckitt Benckiser: Open Innovation Perspectives
DHL: Collaborative Service Innovation
Strauman: Open Innovation
Discussion: Aligning Culture and Processes to an Collaborative Approach
Evonik: Open Innovation University Research to Consumer
Discussion: Co-creation and Business Models

Quarterly Meeting

Presentations by:
HP, DHL, BASF, Arla Foods

HP: The Business of Innovation at HP: Turning Vision into Reality
DHL: Innovation at DHL: How to Turn Good Ideas into True Growth Drivers?
BASF: Open Innovation in a B2B Environment
Arla Foods: Succeeding with Future Creations: From Consumer Insight to the Art of Selling Ideas
Roundtable Discussion

Innovation in Emerging Countries New Business Creation and Collaborative Innovation

Presentations by:
Shell, Unilever, Philips, DHL

Shell: Shell’s Experience with Innovation Channels in Emerging Markets
Unilever: Finding Opportunity at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Business Models for Emerging Markets
Philips: Effectuation and Collaboration: The Crazy Quilt Principle
Roundtable Discussion and Plenary Discussion: New business creation in emerging markets
DHL: DHL’s Innovation Approach for Emerging Markets
Panel Session: Collaborative innovation and new business creation
Roundtable Discussion: Collaborative innovation in emerging countries

Quarterly Meeting

Presentations by:
P&G, Google, Cisco

P&G: Growing New Business – The ‘Future Works’ Approac
Google: Innovation & University Relations at Google
Roundtable Discussion
Cisco: The New Era of Connected, Virtualised Innovation
Roundtable Discussion

Strategic Innovation Megatrends, Growth Platforms, and Technology Scouting

Presentations by:
Vodafone, DSM, Henkel, Lux Research

Quarterly Meeting

Presentations by:
Intel, Deutsche Telekom, W.L. Gore, Arla Foods

Intel: Open Innovation 2.0
Deutsche Telekom: Managing Disruptive Innovation: The Role of Customer Experience and Cultural Transformation
W.L. Gore: Innovation Culture
Arla Foods: Consumer Immersion as an Innovation Tool
Roundtable Discussions

Innovating for the Future The Role of Sustainability for Innovation

Presentations by:
Airbus, Grundfos, Unilever

Airbus: The Future by Airbus
Roundtable discussion: Mapping of future trends in the industries represented at the meeting (exercise) and discussion on the role of sustainability
Grundfos: Integrating Sustainability Into the Product Lifecycle – Successes, Challenges and the Road Ahead
Unilever: Creating a Better Future Every Day: An Integrated Approach to Sustainability
Roundtable discussion: Addressing sustainability issues (exercise): individuals select innovation challenges and discuss these in cross-industry groups
Airbus: Green tour of the assembly line (A320, A350, A380)

Quarterly Meeting

Presentations by:
Beiersdorf, Hal Gregersen (INSEAD), Bombardier Transportation

Beiersdorf: Management of R&D Effectiveness – Reflections on Discovery Practices
Hal Gregersen (INSEAD): The Innovator’s DNA
Professor Hal Gregersen, INSEAD – Half-day workshop session with the co-author of “The Innovator’s DNA” (see also: and YouTube video)
Bombardier Transportation: Integrating the Organisation through Innovation Programs


Quarterly Meeting

Presentations by:
Philips, Accenture, GE, Nokia, Innovation Roundtable

Innovation Roundtable: Building Capabilities for New Business Creation and Open Innovation: an Organising Framework
Phillips: Business Creation: The Art of Dealing with Teenagers
Roundtable Discussion: New Business Creation
Accenture: Vision 2050: What Innovations Does the World Need in Order to Become Sustainable
General Electric: Green is Green: A Business Perspective on Research & Innovation for a Sustainable Future
Roundtable Discussion: Sustainable Innovation
Nokia: Perspectives on Open Innovation: Collaborative Research, Growth Economies and Metrics
Roundtable Discussion: Open Innovation


Presentations by Henry Chesbrough, Google, Nokia, LEGO, Philips, Xerox, Shell and more.

The EIC 2011 was attended by 200 innovation practitioners from large firms and the core topics were open innovation and new business creation. The keynote speaker was Dr. Henry Chesbrough and executive speakers were from: Google, IBM, Nokia, LEGO, Philips, Xerox, Shell, Bombardier, Airbus, Grundfos and several other firms.

Quarterly Meeting

Presentations by:
IBM, Bombardier, BASF, Coloplast, Chr. Hansen

IBM: Smart Innovation – New Business Through Open Collaboration
BASF Future Business: Turning Trends Into Business
Roundtable Discussion
Coloplast: The New Front-End Process at Coloplast: Balancing Exploration and Direction
Bombardier Aerospace & Swisslog: Experiences in Applying a Variety of Approaches to Harvesting Ideas and Seeding the Innovation Pipelinee
Chr. Hansen: Adapting Lean Principles to Innovation: Experiences in Implementing Lean within an R&D Organization
Roundtable Discussion

Quarterly Meeting

Presentations by:
SonyEricsson, Tetra Pak, ABB Technology Ventures, Dow Corning

SonyEricsson: Open Innovation in the Mobile Industry – Changing Business Context Every 18 Months
Tetra Pak: Tetra Pak Best Practice Partnership – A Practical Example of Open Innovation
ABB Technology Ventures: Leveraging Corporate Venturing to Drive Innovation
Dow Corning: New Business Creation at Dow Corning: Organizing for Horizon 2 and Horizon 3 Environments
Roundtable Discussions

Methods of Innovation In the Front End and Other Stages of the Innovation Process

Introductory Presentations by Nokia:
Concepting Methods at Symbian Software (SW) – Current State and Desired State

Design for Six Sigma – Method for Incorporating Needs in Product Development
Methods Mapping:
(a) Define generic innovation process based on input from all attendees
(b) Identify methods used by companies present at the workshop
(c) Assign and cluster methods within each stage of the innovation process
(d) Determine the level of attendee interest in each method

Phase I of World Café Discussion of Selected Methods
Phase II of World Café Discussion of Selected Methods
Phase III of World Café Discussion of Selected Methods

Quarterly Meeting

Presentations by:
NKT, AkzoNobel, SGL Carbon

NKT: Overcoming the Crises in New Business Development – Dealing with Obstacles on the Path to Creating New Businesses
Akzo Nobel: Moving Towards an Insight-Driven Open Innovation Approach
Roundtable Discussion
SGL Carbon: Adaptive Innovation Processes – Selecting the Right Collaboration Models for the Best Results
Roundtable Discussion


Quarterly Meeting

Presentations by:
Electrolux, LEGO, Unilever

Electrolux: Consumer Insight Driven Growth
Roundtable Discussion: Organizing Innovation and Driving Growth by Leveraging Customer Insights
LEGO: Concept Lab. How Consumer Driven Innovation Changed LEGO’s Front End Process – and Products!
Unilever: The Problems with the Stage Gate Process for Ambitious Innovation
Roundtable Discussion

Introducing capabilities for radical innovation

Introducing capabilities for radical innovation
Evonik: Idea Evaluation
Introducing Dual Strategy
Discussion (group and plenary)
Introducing Parallel Organization
Discussion (group and plenary)
Introducing Exploration & Experimentation
Discussion (group and plenary)
Introducing Climate for Entrepreneurship.
Discussion (group and plenary)

Quarterly Meeting

Presentations by:
Novozymes, Ericsson, Danfoss Ventures

Novozymes: Organizational Setup for Innovation: Rationale and Constraints
Ericsson: Market Transformation: Trends and Opportunities Towards 2020
Roundtable Discussion
Danfoss Ventures: Building Execution Capabilities for Innovation Projects
Discussion and Wrap-Up

Quarterly Meeting

Presentations by:
Volvo, Danfoss Ventures

Volvo: Innovation Jams as a Tool for Change: Recent Volvo Group Experiences
Roundtable Discussion
Danfoss Ventures: Generating Growth through Corporate Venturing: Experiences with Incubation, Open Innovation, and Discovery-Driven Processes
Roundtable Discussion

Front End of Innovation Idea Generation and Evaluation

Presentations by:
Novozymes, Evonik, Alfa Laval

Novozymes: Ideation: About Creating Packages or Buildling Fires
Evonik: Idea Evaluation
Alfa Laval: Introduction to Alfa Laval and Its Innovation Tools
Alfa Laval: Brainstorming Model for Problemsolving,
Alfa Laval: Focused Ideation Process for the Front End of Innovation: Customer Oriented Innovation (COIN)
Alfa Laval Guided Tour: Seeing and Touching Alfa Laval Decanters and Fresh Water Generators
Alfa Laval: Parallel Workshop Tracks
(A) Actively Using the Brainstorming Model for Problemsolving
(B) Actively Using the COIN Focused Ideation Process
Roundtable Discussion: Sharing Experiences on Front End (Ideation) Tools and Processes

Quarterly Meeting

Presentations by:
Philips, BSH Group, Novozymes, Vestas

Philips: Design: Leading People-Centric Innovation
Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte: How Can Innovation and Technology Management Contribute to BSH Corporate Strategy
Roundtable Discussion
Novozymes: How To Integrate New Business Projects into the Core Organization?
Roundtable Discussion
Vestas: World Café Discussion – Beyond the Stage Gate: Exploring the Intangible Aspects of Successful Innovation Teams


Quarterly Meeting

Presentations by:
IBM, B&O, Prof. Jean-Philippe Deschamps (IMD)

IBM: Open Innovation, Culture, and Emerging Business Opportunities
Innovation Roundtable: Core Activities and Topics
B&O: Experiences with BeoSound 5
IMD – Prof. Emeritus Jean-Philippe Deschamps: Innovation Leaders

Quarterly Meeting

Presentations by:
Novozymes, Shell, Nestlé, Vestas

Novozymes: A New Innovation Process that Links Learning-Based Planning with the Stage Gate
Shell: Game Changing Innovation
Roudntable Discussion: Game Changing Innovation
Nestlé: Building an Innovative Culture
Vestas: Front End Ideation
Survey Results on Workshop Topics

Quarterly Meeting

Presentations by:
FLSmidth, P&G, SCA, Siemens

FLSmidth: Innovation to Confront the Global CO2 Challenge
Procter & Gamble: Origins and Challenges of External Innovation
SCA: The Non-Fuzzy Front End and the Role of Innomediaries (e.g. Innocentive)
Siemens: The Emerging Collaboration Model (Open Innovation 2.0)

Methods of Market Learning for Breakthrough Innovation

Presentations by:
Axel Roseno

Workshop – Frameworks for Breaktrhough Innovation
Dr. Axel Roseno

Future trends & scenarios
Applied ethnography
Mapping jobs and user objectives
Use scenarios and consumption chains
Lead user innovation and user communities in B2C
Collaborative development in B2B
Prototyping and learning-based planning
Group discussion on methods of choice

Quarterly Meeting

Presentations by:
Nokia, Electrolux, Kodak

Nokia: The strategic direction for innovation at Nokia i4innovation – processes and tools for the front end of innovation
Nokia: Trend and segmentation-driven innovation – an interactive session
Electrolux: Consumer insight driven growth
Kodak: The path to open innovation: leveraging external alliances


Quarterly Meeting

Presentations by:
Novozymes, LEGO, Tetra Pak, Innovation Roundtable


Axel Roseno: Capabilities for Radical Innovation in Established Firms

Novozymes: Stimulating Radical Innovation

Axel Roseno: Customer Oriented Innovation and Open Innovation

LEGO: Democratizing Innovation at LEGO

Tetra Pak: Organizing the Front End of Innovation

Discusson Groups

Quarterly Meeting

Presentations by:
Novozymes, Danfoss, Tetra Pak, Christian Hansen, Innovation Roundtable


Novozymes: Intro, Scenarios, & Innovation on Market Trends

Danfoss: Front End Processes and Tools

Novozymes: R&D at Novozymes – Presentation and Lab Tour

Tetra Pak: Consumer Centric Innovation

Axel Roseno: Learning-Based Planning for High Uncertainty Projects

Christian Hansen: Organizing the Front End of Innovation

Discusson Groups

Quarterly Meeting

Presentations by:
Arla Foods, Coloplast, Stanford Research International, Innovation Roundtable


Arla Foods: Anthropology, personas, and outcomes mapping

Axel Roseno: Mapping User Objectives, Method and Application at Arla Foods

Coloplast: Value Stream Analysis and the Lead User Method

Stanford Research International: Five Innovation Disciplines and Building Value Propositions


Copenhagen 8-10 November

The world’s largest gathering of innovation executives in large multinational firms, attended by:

  • 600corporate
  • 250global
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