KLM: About an Airline Exploring Business Model Innovation
Siemens: A Systematic Approach to Business Model Innovation: Method, Tools and Processes
Business Model Design Factory: As-is business modelling and analysis of current strengths and weaknesses using a structured approach and template
Hilti: Fleet Management – Launching a Business Model Innovation at Hilti
Business Model Design Factory: Inspiration from patterns – discussion
Business Model Design Factory: Ideation based on patterns and triggers, development of prototype, and Idea Fair
Roundtable discussion: Experiences and lessons learned from the Business Model Design Factory – and ideas for new business model designs that emerged during the process
Business Model Design Factory: Growth perspective: Customer demand analysis; customer profile maps; value proposition design
Roundtable Discussion: Ideas and insights that emerged on customer demand, profile maps, and value propositions – and experiences and approaches in your firm for working with value propositions to generate growth
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