Facilitators: Corina Kuipers, Expert in NBC, CVNN (formerly Philips)
Axel Rosenø, Innovation Roundtable, CEO
Introducing New Business Creation (NBC) Capabilities: A framework for NBC
Strategy and Business Creation: Objectives with NBC, granularity of innovation, trends & scenarios, innovation themes & platforms, and performance management systems for NBC
Roundtable Discussion: Your firm’s objective with NBC – and positioning of NBC within broader innovation efforts
Organising for Business Creation: Balancing the need for separation (forgetting) and integration (borrowing) at different stages of a venture’s life-cycle
Processes for Business Creation:The need for an iterative approach (controlled experimentation) as well as a process characterised by discovery, incubation, and acceleration
Roundtable Discussion: (A) Controlled experimentation for evolving ventures and (B) balancing forgetting and borrowing at different venture stages. Parallel discussion tracks.
Culture & Entrepreneurship of Business Creation: Climate for entrepreneur-ship, the five principles of effectuation, and team composition for NBC
Roundtable Discussion: Applying the five principles of effectuation
Co-Creation & Ecosystems for Business Creation: Create platforms and build new ecosystems by co-creating with start-ups, universities, and others in a patchwork of hedged and staged partnerships
Roundtable Discussion:Topics of choice from themes covered during the day