P&G: InQbet – a New Way of Engaging in Innovation

Roundtable Discussion I: Issues of special interest within startup collaboration and hackathons (B2B / B2C / B2B2C)

Short Presentations and Panel on Startup Collaboration

Dow: Kissing Frogs: The Art of Finding Startups and Assessing the Proper Match from the Start

E.On: The :agile accelerator – Finding & Incubating Startups

Prof. Omar Mohout (Antwerp Management School) and Simon Schneider (CEO at Zyncd) will join the panel discussion.

Roundtable Discussion II: Choice of topics

Short Presentations and Panel on Hackathons & Makeathons

Siemens: How to Make a Success of Internal Hackathons

BSH: Hack the House: Leveraging Hackathons for Testing Solutions, Getting Fresh Ideas, and Positioning the Brand as Innovative

BMW: Agile Innovation – Designing a Makeathon to Focus on Internal Talent for the Age of Uncertainty

P&G: Andre Convents: Connect+Develop & Innovation

Drinks on the premises