HR Innovation Roundtable® facilitates connections between human resource professionals in multinational corporations (and with their peers in innovation, digital and R&D), in a setting where they can learn about best practices from executive speakers and share experiences with peers.

Our network and events are exclusively for large multinational firms and provide a unique source of inspiration, ideas and transferrable insights for human resource professionals – as well as new valuable connections.

Launching in 2020, HR Innovation Roundtable® builds on the 12-year experience of Innovation Roundtable® in organizing over 200 large-scale corporate-only events and connecting thousands of innovation executives from different companies and industries in Europe, China and the US.


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Bringing together HR & Innovation professionals to drive organizational transformation

By joining our network, HR practitioners have the opportunity to:

  • Meet, learn and discuss with human resource peers from other companies and industries
  • Access and interact with the unparalleled community of corporate innovation, digital and R&D professionals from the Innovation Roundtable® network
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Membership Benefits

Join an effective platform and boost your company’s HR and innovation capabilities – and network at highly-interactive corporate-only events

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Network and build relations with corporate HR and innovation managers from different industries

Our network enables dialogue and knowledge sharing not only among corporate HR professionals, but also with peers working in innovation, digital transformation and R&D in multinational companies.

Learn Learn

Discover best practices from senior corporate speakers and leading academic experts

Listen to straight-to-the-point talks focusing on implementation of HR and innovation strategies and access exclusive online resources.

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HR Innovation Roundtable® member companies can access events exclusively for corporate HR professionals on specific HR topics as well as events on innovation culture, leadership and agile organization together with corporate innovators from the unparalleled network of Innovation Roundtable®

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Dr. Axel Roseno is the CEO of Innovation Roundtable® and External Lecturer at the Copenhagen Business School.

"Since 2008, we have organized events for thousands of innovation practitioners in multinationals, enabling them to connect and to share challenges, experiences and ideas. Over the years, we have witnessed the critical role of culture and leadership for innovation and, as such, the need to extend our community to embrace HR professionals. Indeed, HR plays a key role in innovation and in creating the conditions for transformation.
It is with great pleasure we introduce HR Innovation Roundtable®, aimed at connecting HR leaders and enabling them to learn from each other and share experiences and best practices across industries. We look forward not only to organizing dedicated HR-Exclusive events, but also to opening up our innovation events to HR managers, hence facilitating dialogue between HR and innovation professionals across large multinationals."

Code of Conduct

Innovation Roundtable ApS is dedicated to behaving with integrity and complying with rules and regulations, including antitrust laws. All discussions and interactions at our events are completely voluntary, and the participants are expected to comply with their own companies’ rules, regulations and policies, as well as antitrust laws.