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Tours & Evening Sessions

Summit participants have the opportunity to visit inspiring locations in Copenhagen and join interactive evening activities.
Limited availability – Registrations open on 31 October (11:00 CET)

The Summit experience continue after 5 pm with a rich program of evening activities:

  • discover inspiring innovation spaces in Copenhagen by joining one of our tours
  • join a special program of interactive and creative evening sessions
  • network with other participants at the networking buffet dinner (7 Nov – included in your ticket) and experience a memorable evening at the Summit Dinner Show & Party  (learn more and register here)

BLOXHUB The Nordic Hub for Urban development - Experience Nordic Innovation

Registration required

When: 7 Nov (18:00)

Visit the inspiring BLOXHUB building where a 1000 people innovate on future solutions every day. You’ll learn about the initiative behind the impressive venue and meet some of it’s residents.

Tour • Maker V-10

Maker V-10 Open Lab for Sustainable Product Development

Registration required

When: 7 Nov (18:00) • 8 Nov (18:00)

Maker V-10 is more than just a workshop community, event space, and shared office for hardware start-ups: it’s a hub of creativity and curiosity that’s dedicated to helping physical entrepreneurs develop and scale products and businesses. Here, designers meet engineers, and architects meet plastic experts. With a mix of digital production technologies and traditional craftsmanship, Maker V-10 is the perfect place for people from different backgrounds and interests to come together and develop new products in an innovative environment.

Tour • ÅBEN

ÅBEN Brewery Kødbyen

Registration required

When: 7 Nov (18:00)

Are you interested in learning more about beers and the process of brewing? Then join ‘Tour & Tasting’ and get an insight into the new ÅBEN brewery in Kødbyen.⁠ You will get a guided tour at the brewery and taste 3 different ÅBEN beers.
Tour • Khora

KHORA Virtual Reality Experience

Registration required

When: 7 Nov (17:45) • 7 Nov (18:25) • 8 Nov (18:00)

Ever wanted to explore the bottom of the ocean, see the earth from space, or practice your skills with lightsabers? At Khora, you will be able to immerse yourself in extraordinary worlds of virtual reality. Located in the trendy Meat Packing District, Khora is a virtual reality production house, the world’s first virtual reality store, and a hub for innovators.
Evening session

Garrick Jones (Ludic Group – London School of Economics)
The Curious Advantage - The Greatest Driver of Value in the Digital Age

Registration not required

When: 7 Nov (18:00)

⭐️ Drive personal and organizational success through curiosity. 💡

Garrick Jones as the author of The Curious Advantage & Alive: Digital Humans and their Organizations – will be having a fireside chat – where he will talk about Curiosity, its role in the digital age, and what he is discussing and being asked by the boards of the world’s greatest organizations. 🌎 Curiosity may be the key to managing in the digital age – what is a Curious Leader – why is it important? Please join Garrick for a stimulating conversation and bring your questions. 💡

Evening session

Stefan Pagels Andersen (IMPROV)
The Five Principles of IMPROV in Organisations: Fostering a Collaboratively Creative Mindset without the Fear of Failure

Registration required

When: 7 Nov (18:00) • 7 Nov (20:50) 8 Nov (18:00)

Improv comes from improvisation, one of the core soft skills needed in organisations in order to navigate a VUCA world. You will understand the fundamental mechanics of the “Five Guiding Principles of IMPROV” and experience how it can empower both individuals and groups. In the session you will experience first-hand how IMPROV can be part of building the foundation for psychological safety, where employees feel comfortable sharing ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes without fear of judgement

Evening session

Tobias Eismann (Siemens Creativity Lab)
Your Creativity For Our Future: Explore what it takes to dare the NEW

Registration required

When: 7 Nov (18:00) 8 Nov (18:00)

🌟 Creativity hits the stage at Innovation Roundtable! 🌟
Are you ready to expand your understanding on what creativity really is? And why we should invest more in creativity to create a better future?
Join us for the interactive session “Your Creativity For Our Future: Explore what it takes to dare the NEW.
According to the World Economic Forum, Creativity is the #1 ability for the future, and we’re diving deep into this essential skill that will drive innovation in tomorrow’s world.

During this session, you can expect:

🤝 Interactive Journey: Engage in an immersive exploration of creativity.
🔊 Sound Experiments: Tune into the power of sound to experience your deeply wired brain.
💡 Thought Experiments: Challenge your perspective and expand your creative horizons.
👥 Group Activities: Collaborate with fellow participants for a hands-on creative experience.

Don’t miss this opportunity to embrace your creative potential and discover what it means to dare the NEW! Get ready to embark on a journey that will shape your future.

Evening session

Ole Qvist-Sørensen, Loa Baastrup (Bigger Picture), Julija Voitiekute (Maersk)
Unlock your Innovation Power with Visual Thinking

Registration required

When: 7 Nov (18:10) • 7 Nov (20:50) • 8 Nov (18:00)

The easiest way to explain complex concepts is to visualize them. By using simple sketches your team can reach shared understanding and clarity around your innovation processes, your HR processes or your marketing concepts. Hear use cases from Maersk (Innovation), Novo Nordisk (HR) and SAP (Marketing). Join this highly interactive session to unlock the power of visual thinking, learn basic sketching techniques, and visually map the essence of your own process and concepts. Free your inner Leonardo Da Vinci, Einstein or Steve Jobs. Walk away with digital tools, you can start using tomorrow.

Evening session

Frederikke Marie Lindegaard Darkner (Hearthfulness Institute)
Guided Meditation

Registration not required

When: 7 Nov (18:10) 8 Nov (18:00)

Heartfulness offers a simple set of techniques for relaxation and meditation. It is an effective method for achieving clarity of thought and a sense of ease and well-being. After an intense day, one should unwind before the nightfall. With Heartfulness, you get a well-tested tool to achieve a healthy balance in your life.

Evening session

Susanna Søberg
The New Science of a Lost and Misunderstood Art: The Cold

Registration required • Talk + outdoor activity (bring your swimsuit and towel)

When: 7 Nov (18:00)

Stress – a growing disease in this mouth-breathing modern world.
It doesn’t matter how much you think, how much you talk, how much you comfort yourself, none of it matters if you’re not resetting your nervous system – through the body to get to the mind!
There is nothing more essential to our health and wellbeing than nature and breathing: Getting cold, getting hot, taking air in and out, shifts in skin temperature to awaken your survival instincts. As species, humans have lost the ability to breathe correctly, accept the cold, with grave consequences. Going into the cold is the key to fix the unbalance – to fix your stress.
My latest research shows for the first time, how little cold is needed and that slight adjustments in the way you breathe can make huge health changes and optimize performance.
Listen to my talk and let me guide you into the water. Take this opportunity to surprise yourself in the lost art of the cold and functional breathing.

Register • max 1 tour per day

Registrations open
on 31 October (11:00 CET)

VIRTUAL 2022  Online, 8-10 March

2023 Copenhagen, 7-9 November

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SPRING 2022  Copenhagen, 10-12 May

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