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Summit participants have the opportunity to visit selected innovation spaces in Copenhagen.
Limited availability – Registrations open on 6 May at 11:00 CEST.


KHORA Virtual Reality Experience

When: 10 May (17:50) • 11 May (17:50)
Ever wanted to explore the bottom of the ocean, test your fighting skills in a gladiator arena, or practice your shooting skills against zombies? At Khora, you will be able to immerse yourself in extraordinary worlds of virtual reality. Located in the trendy Meatpacking District, Khora is a virtual reality production house, the world’s first virtual reality store, and a hub for innovators.

Viadukten // Maker Design Workshop

When: 10 May (17:50) • 11 May (17:50)
Viadukten is a professional workshop for physical hardware start ups and designers in the heart of Copenhagen. Here we help entrepreneurs develop and scale products and business in a creative and curious environment. In Viadukten ideas can turn into educational projects, physical products and new business. With digital fabrication technologies, professional prototype facilities and traditional craftsmanship, Viadukten is a meeting place for people with different backgrounds and interests. Entrepreneurs who are curious and open to exploring new opportunities and pushing the boundaries of urban and local production in a globalized world. Here, the work with sustainability is physical and concrete – and everyone can participate. On this tour you will hear more about how Maker and Viadukten help physical hardware start ups and designers. Experience the unique space underneath Langebro and get a tour the full workshop.

BLOXHUB The Nordic Hub for Urban development – Experience Nordic innovation

When: 10 May (17:50)
Visit the inspiring BLOXHUB building where 1000 people innovate on future solutions every day. You’ll learn about the initiative behind the impressive venue and meet some of its residents.

Register • max 1 tour per day

VIRTUAL 2022  Online, 8-10 March

FALL 2022  Copenhagen, 15-17 November

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SPRING 2022  Copenhagen, 10-12 May

3 Summits • 1 Ticket

VIRTUAL  On-Demand

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