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Carol Chen

Global CMO & SVP Shell Mobility, and Chairman Shell Brands International

  • Customer Experience, Insight & Engagement
  • Track Talk
  • Fall 2022 – Marketing

Marketing Transformation by Winning Customers Today AND Tomorrow

Carol Chen will talk about how Shell leverages data-driven and performance marketing to drive growth. She will discuss critical success factors in implementing performance marketing including data integration and AI models, driving change management, and how to get the right message to the right customer via the right channel. Carol will detail what works and what doesn’t, and how to leverage innovation to continually drive performance to the next level.

  • Adopting data-driven and performance marketing across the organization – the dos and don’ts on the journey from an art to evidence-based marketing:
  • Integrating data and multiple data sets holistically and cohesively – and with the right AI model
  • Driving change management – the need for top buy-in, having the right talent and facilitating the mindset and behavior change
  • Leveraging innovation to continuously drive performance to the next level – the need to constantly experiment and test
  • Don’t expect a crystal ball – being on a continuous journey with the bar getting higher and higher
  • Leveraging data-driven marketing to get the right message to the right customer through the right channel
  • Lessons learned such as speaking the same language with leaders, translating data into tangible value to drive change, and more

Jessica Ståhlbom

Vice President, Head of Marketing, Nordic and Baltics

  • Track Talk
  • Fall 2022 – Marketing

Cause-Driven Marketing – Lessons Learned on Advancing Inclusivity, Sustainability and Partnering for Change

Jessica Ståhlbom will talk about Mastercard’s approach to purpose-driven marketing. She will detail how the organization leverages its global strength to drive sustainability and empower people. Jessica will share learnings on:

  • Leveraging global strength for local impact – fostering inclusivity and using sonic and multisensory marketing to reach teenagers in underserved neighborhoods
  • Driving sustainability – from creating a carbon calculator for transactions to planting trees
  • Lessons learned on cause-driven marketing
  • Walk the talk and showcase what you can contribute to society – and put competition aside
  • Seek out other brands to collaborate and drive change together
  • Overcome internal challenges – how to get internal buy-in, and drive alignment & commitment

Mina Bastawros

VP of Creative and Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing, Martech & Multichannel
  • Track Talk
  • Fall 2022 – Marketing

Creating Customer Excitement with Experiential Marketing – Leveraging Social Media and Exploring AR, VR, and NFTs

Mina Bastawros will talk about Airbus’ approach to generating customer excitement beyond the sales journey. He will detail the strategy to leveraging experiential marketing and emerging technologies to enable customers to perceive and interact with the product in all its splendor. Mina will share learnings on:

  • Moving beyond sales engineered marketing of the past to excite customers about the product
  • Translating influence of social media to B2B marketing – leveraging engaging, impactful, and personalized communication to build rapport with customers
  • Working across product marketing, services teams, sales, and the creatives to fine-tune the story – starting with a minor campaign to demonstrate value and drive internal adoption
  • Leveraging NFTs and exploring AR, VR and metaverse to build a compelling customer experience and interaction with the product beyond the physical

Rik Strubel

Chief Marketing & Digital Growth Officer, Beauty Care

  • Track Talk
  • Fall 2022 – Marketing

Driving and Growing Brands with Purpose – How to Make it Work and Avoid the Pitfalls

Rik Strubel is a marketing leader with over 15 years of experience in growing brands with purpose. He started with Unilever’s Dove to later lead the Axe brand globally, preceding his current role at Henkel. Rik will share his experience and learnings on growing brands with purpose:

  • The brave marketing framework – bold, relevant, authentic, and value adding enabled by data and technology
  • Pitfalls in growing brands with purpose illustrated with examples – from picking an irrelevant focus to lacking credibility to choosing the wrong thing
  • Key learnings on how to drive brands with purpose
  • Fall 2022 - Innovation
  • Culture & Leadership for Innovation & Agility
  • Digital Innovation & Transformation

Driving Digital Transformation – Leaders as Enablers of Change

Rik Strubel will talk about the role of leadership in driving digital transformation. He will discuss common pitfalls in driving the transformation and how to overcome them. Rik will share learnings on:

  • What often goes wrong in digital transformation – from lack of understanding what is needed to using too many and irrelevant KPIs
  • What to do instead – understanding what good and bad look like and identifying what has fundamental impact on the business
  • How to build a core leadership team and culture to enable coping with immense pressure and level of change – from clear vision and game plan through clear roles and walking the talk

Victoire Dairou

VP Research & Innovation at Danone-User eXperience

  • Brand Strategy & Purpose
  • Track Talk

Driving User Centricity to Design Relevant Innovation that People Will Adopt: Changing Mindsets and the Role of Leaders in Fostering User Centricity

Abstract TBA

Tomas Chatzopoulos

VP Consumer Engagement, Europe

  • Digital Marketing, Martech & Multichannel
  • Fall 2022 – Marketing

Driving Digital Transformation in a Large Corporation – Enabling Cross-Functional Collaboration, Leveraging MarTech and Overcoming Challenges

Thomas Salditt

SVP Digital Enterprise Services

  • Digital Marketing, Martech & Multichannel
  • Keynote
  • Digital Innovation & Transformation
  • AI, IoT, Data & Emerging Technologies

New Value Propositions with Connected Devices: Leveraging Complex Data, Scaling AI, and Managing Challenges

Thomas Salditt will explain how BSH creates new value with connected devices and develops an ecosystem of services. He will discuss the company’s approach to creating value with AI and complex data. Thomas will also detail how the company organizes for digital innovation and AI, and he will share lessons learned.

  • Creating new connected value propositions and business models – and leveraging data from connected devices to generate insights, guide R&D, and develop an ecosystem of services
  • Transforming the existing organization and mind-set to embrace digital innovation – setting up a centralized digital unit for platform development as well as a future-oriented unit and accelerators focused on exploration and venturing
  • Leveraging AI and complex data – overcoming initial difficulties and moving from lighthouse projects to scaling
  • Dealing with the chicken and egg problem: needing the data to prove the value of the solution, and the solution to get the data
  • Lessons learned on how to make digital innovation work and maintain momentum with AI
  • Digital Marketing, Martech & Multichannel
  • Track Talk

Leveraging Data to Create a 360° Customer View – Becoming More Data-Driven, Focusing on Consumer Journeys & Engagement, and Driving Direct-to-Consumer Sales

Thomas Salditt will talk about BSH’s journey towards leveraging data for a 360° customer view. He will share insights on what it takes to become data driven as well as what worked and what didn’t. Thomas will also share the company’s approach to creating and visualizing consumer journeys, moving towards a multichannel approach, and lessons learned in rolling out and scaling.

– Leveraging data to create 360° customer views and visualizing consumer journeys:

  • Visualizing consumer journeys with data management – moving from single touchpoint to consumer engagement journey management and direct selling
  • Bringing the tech system together and enabling marketing people
  • Insights from implementing customer engagement journeys in several countries – accelerating and scaling after initial slow roll-out
  • The approach to working with data visualization – and how it enables value creation, showcasing benefits of data

– Lessons learned in multichannel sales: Moving towards more direct-to-consumer sales, accelerated by covid

– Becoming more data-driven – what works and what doesn’t

  • The need to have a clear understanding of what is to be achieved with tangible KPIs
  • The importance of having someone to mediate between the business and data scientists to ensure that use cases create value and traction

Monica Dalla Riva

SVP Customer Experience & Design

  • Fall 2022 - Innovation
  • Culture & Leadership for Innovation & Agility
  • Digital Innovation & Transformation
  • Design Thinking, Customer Centricity & Front End

Design, Innovate, Transform: Embedding Design and Customer Experience into Digital Programs to Change the Culture

Monica Dalla Riva will talk about Deutsche Telekom’s approach to driving culture change and embedding customer experience in digital transformation. She will discuss the steps taken to empower people and make them eager to join the transformation.

  • Why customer experience matters for innovation and digital transformation – driving the transformation and the cultural shift to empower people and work across silos
  • Taking small and pragmatic steps to transforming the culture:
    •  Reading the unwritten rules, habits, and ways of thinking in the organization
    •  Identifying change makers and enabling them to change the company
    •  Sustaining change efforts through ongoing communication – and empowering and engaging the organization
  • Lessons learned including training and investing in people, driving a growth mindset, fostering open and flat leadership, and why a culture of failure doesn’t work for digital transformation

Lindsay Brennan

Global Head of Demand Generation, ABB Robotics

  • Customer Experience, Insight & Engagement
  • Track Talk

Marketing Transformation of an Industrial Robotics Business: Extending Our Growth From Large Industrial Accounts to Diverse Customers and Segments

Lindsay Brennan will talk about ABB Robotics expansion into new defined segments and customer types. What does it take for the marketing function to enable such a shift? She will explain how ABB Robotics responds to changes in the robotics market in terms of demand generation. Lindsay will explain how the organization serves the existing customer base while at the same time moving into new areas with different customer segments and needs.

  • ABB Robotics’ marketing transformation addressing significant market changes including technology and customer base:
    • Robots everywhere: Multi-segment Marketing in response to shifting markets and new growth segments
    • Putting marketing on the map – Positioning marketing in a technology driven company
    • Covid-19 – the ultimate accelerator: Fast forward for cultural and structural changes
    • Moving forward in robotics marketing

Can Akar

Head of Marketing, EMEA

Panel on brand purpose and brand strategy

Putting Brand Purpose in Action – Lessons Learned on Taking Bold Choices

Abstract TBA

Tina Lilje

Head of Customer Experience

  • Brand Strategy & Purpose
  • Track Talk
  • Fall 2022 – Marketing

How Brand and Purpose Impact Customer Experience – Living Up to a Brand’s Promise and Engaging the Organization

Tina Lilje will talk about Philips’ customer experience approach. She will discuss how the organization reflects the brand and its purpose in the customer experience. Tina will share learnings on:

  • Driving customer experience across the organization – getting the non-customer facing functions to contribute to and support customer experience
  • Fostering employee experience to boost overall customer experience – and the impact of employee experience on customer and brand expectation management
  • Leveraging data and generating insights for compelling customer experience – and overcoming the pull of individual face-to-face feedback
  • Reflecting the brand’s sustainability purpose in the customer experience – being authentic and clear on what you can deliver and the degree of control you can have when it comes to people’s impressions


Eduardo Andrade

Professor of Marketing

  • Innovation for Sustainability, Circularity & Net Zero

Meeting Barriers to Sustainability Head-On – Exploring How Your Company Can Turn Obstacles into Opportunities

Despite the climate urgency and the importance of lifestyle changes to help tackle it, many consumers are either unwilling or incapable of purchasing, consuming, and disposing sustainably. Eduardo Andrade will lead a lab on the obstacles and opportunities to sustainable consumption. He will start the lab off by introducing a framework of three types of obstacles to sustainable consumption – market, individual, and societal. This will be followed by group discussions with a focus on identifying the strongest barrier(s) and exploring ways to overcome them.
The participants will learn and discuss the following:

  • Understand each of the factors that lead to the market, psychological, and societal barriers to sustainability – from quality to convenience through impact to habit formation
  • Self-assess the strength of each of the barriers in your own company/industry
  • Discuss the results of self-assessments across the group to identify patterns in the strength of barriers – and how the ratings may depend on industry and other factors
  • Explore approaches to transforming the highest ranked obstacle(s) into opportunities
  • Harvest the discussion results

Amit Joshi

Professor of AI, Analytics and Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing Lab

Ethical Boundaries in Leveraging Machine Learning for Marketing – Making Tradeoffs and Minding the Slippery Slope of Data Use

Machine learning can help marketers make forecasts and assess innovation adoption. Amit Joshi will lead a lab on the ethics of data gathering and use – and resulting tradeoffs. He will start the lab off with a short introduction to the slippery slope in crossing the ethical boundaries to making predictions more accurate, followed by a hands-on group simulation exercise and discussion. The lab participants will learn and discuss the following:

  • How data can lead to a slippery slope, crossing ethical lines, albeit not legal ones
  • Making a projection on earnings, in the form of a simulation exercise, and determine the accuracy of data needed at each stage
  • Discuss the issues and ethical boundaries from the exercise, and resulting tradeoffs

Wolfgang Ulaga

Professor of Management Practice

  • Customer Experience, Insight & Engagement
  • Marketing Lab
  • Fall 2022 – Marketing
  • Fall 2022 – LABS

Customer Engagement 2.0 in a Subscription Economy: What’s Next?

Technology and digital transformation blur the boundaries between products and services, hardware and software, data and analytics. More than ever, customers seek agility and flexibility; their goals and priorities rapidly shift. Consumer preferences gravitate from ownership to usership; business customers seek to meet new sustainability goals. Against this background, fast-growing subscription-based recurring revenue models seem the perfect answer. They increasingly gain traction, and many have talked about the coming “Subscription tsunami”.

What does this massive trend mean for both B2B and B2C companies? How to engage meaningfully with customers, especially in these challenging times? In this session, we discuss Customer Engagement 2.0 in a Subscription Economy, review challenges and best practices of firms relentlessly focusing on Customer Success – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Finally, we discuss implications for ENGIE.

Michael Haenlein

Professor of Marketing

  • Digital Marketing, Martech & Multichannel
  • Fall 2022 – Marketing

How Virtual Worlds impact Consumers, Firms, and Real Life: Exploring Challenges and Opportunities of the Metaverse on Four Dimensions

Despite the current popularity of the metaverse, it is often unclear what the term means. Many forget that the metaverse (or virtual worlds) has been a topic of conversation for the past decade. Michael Haenlein will lead a lab on this topic and introduce his framework delineating key implications for marketing. This will be followed by a group discussion. Lab participants will learn and explore the following:

  • Define what the metaverse is and whether it even makes sense to speak of THE metaverse
  • Analyzing what the metaverse means for consumer behavior, marketing strategy, spillover, and marketing analytics
  • Exploring challenges and opportunities of the metaverse either in a B2B or a B2C group focusing on a selected element of the framework
  • Harvest the discussion results

Carsten Linz

Distinguished Fellow ESMT and Member of Expert Network WEF

  • Marketing Lab
  • Innovation Lab
  • Fall 2022 – Marketing
  • Fall 2022 - Innovation
  • Business Model Innovation, Intrapreneurship & Future Scenarios
  • Digital Innovation & Transformation

Gaining the Competitive Edge in a Disruptive World: How to Craft & Lead a Radical Business Transformation?

It is a critical time for most incumbent organizations: their existing business models are failing, and they struggle to adapt to the fast-paced technological change. Corporations need to fight back as they have a big unfair advantage with their deep domain expertise, large customer base, strong brands and vast intellectual property.

This lab offers inspiration and a proven blueprint to upgrade business models and get it fit for the digital economy. It kicks-off with a 20 min foundational presentation and is followed by break-outs with groups of 6-8 participants. The format is based on Carsten Linz’s best-selling book ‘Radical Business Model Transformation: Gaining the Competitive Edge in a Disruptive World’, which is considered a standard reference in business model and transformation literature. Join the movement to innovate for the future instead of digitizing the past!

Lab participants will:

  • Get to know a highly effective strategic framework and learn through numerous case studies the patterns of successful business model and digital transformations and what separates the winners from the losers.
  • Work in groups on own innovation-led transformation challenges and develop a (first) transformation path for one of the participants real-world cases with the help of the Business Transformation Board.
  • Explore how project, team and organization leaders need to rethink leadership to pioneer the fourth industrial revolution. Learn how to apply the next-practice capabilities of NewLeadership and get your firm’s executive team on board.

David Robertson

Senior Lecturer

  • Spring 2022 – Innovation
  • Agile Organization, Culture & Leadership for Innovation
  • Customer Centric Innovation and Design Thinking

How Cherokee Culture Can Teach Us to Innovate: Using Cherokee Values to Develop Empathy for Your Customer Community

Understanding the cultures of the communities you’re serving is critical for effective innovation. David Robertson will talk about how organizations can learn from Cherokee culture to develop empathy dor their customers. He will share insights on:

  • The significance of community for innovation
  • The case of LEGO – how the organization reconnected with its community and the role of empathy in their turnaround
  • How the Cherokee language and culture can teach us new, diverse, and rich ways of developing empathy for your customers
  • Innovation Lab
  • HR Lab
  • Agile Organization, Culture & Leadership for Innovation
  • Customer Centric Innovation and Design Thinking

Putting the Platinum Rule of Innovation into Practice: Applying Cherokee Values to Your Innovation Process

David Robertson will lead a lab on different ways to use empathy for innovation. He will briefly introduce the platinum rule of innovation and illustrate how the Cherokee’s 12 languages of empathy can serve to provide some new ways to empathize with customers. This will be followed by a card game within the groups. Lab participants will learn and work on the following:

  • Learn the platinum rule of design and understand the 12 languages of empathy
  • Play a card game to use the 12 languages of empathy to work on either innovating on a selected product or to inspire organizational change

Didier Boulet

Group Chief Design Officer, Design Center Founder

  • Spring 2022 – Innovation
  • Digital Innovation and Transformation
  • Customer Centric Innovation and Design Thinking

Leveraging Design for Digital Transformation: The Journey and the Lessons Learned

Thales has been on a Design Thinking journey for more than 10 years, implementing in the process a strong design (thinking) center network (15+ DCs opened across the world). More recently, Thales Digital Transformation has opened a new design workstream focusing on User Experience Design creating a unique context for the creation of a design organization/capabilities.

In this talk, Didier will present synthetic elements of this journey and the more recent convergence towards Thales Design which brings together design thinking, UX/UI, product/service design & industrial design. Didier will present some of the lessons learned and key pivots along the way.

Cordell Hardy

SVP, 3M Corporate R&D Operations

  • Spring 2022 – Innovation
  • Agile Organization, Culture & Leadership for Innovation
  • Digital Innovation and Transformation

Bolstering Innovation Culture through Clarity of Purpose

Cordell Hardy will talk about how 3M is strengthening its culture with clarity of purpose. He will discuss how the organization incorporates purpose from product portfolio to sustainability. Cordell will share insights on:

  • The five pillars of 3M’s culture – expressing purpose-driven culture effectively and helping everyone relate to it and act on it
  • Tying purpose to product portfolio, manufacturing processes, and sustainability metrics – improving alignment, enabling end-to-end ownership, and empowering decision-making
  • Engaging people with purpose-driven culture – drivers and the role of leadership
  • Digital transformation as an enabler of purpose-driven culture – from customer impact to democratization of enterprise capabilities

Cristian Corotto

SVP Digital Customer Solutions / ABB Turbocharging

  • Spring 2022 – Innovation
  • Agile Organization, Culture & Leadership for Innovation
  • Digital Innovation and Transformation

Digital Transformation Journey and the Role of Culture

Cristian Corotto has taken the digital approach and mindset from his work at eBay first to a dental implant company then to ABB. He will discuss the ABB’s four-years long digital transformation journey and share learnings on:

  • What the shift towards digital requires – from strategic vision to new organizational capabilities to innovation approach
    • Organizational set-up as the success factor for digital transformation – leveraging ambidexterity and creating distinct units that are tightly integrated at senior executive level
    • Nurturing an agile mindset – listening to customers and understanding business needs
  • Results – from growing the business while changing the business model to establishing an agile digital organization and collaborating with customers and partners to co-create scalable digital solutions
  • The importance of culture for digital, beyond agile mindset: ways of thinking and working, collaborating, and customer-centricity
    • Changing the style of leading – taking a Socratic approach with the knowledge of not knowing
    • Building a data-driven culture – having the right people and the need to work with data incrementally to create tangible value

Florian Rothfuss

Director of Customer Innovation

  • Spring 2022 – Innovation
  • Agile Organization, Culture & Leadership for Innovation
  • Digital Innovation and Transformation
  • Startup Collaboration, Ecosystems & Open Innov.

Building Digital Businesses, Empowering Teams, and Balancing the Interaction with the Mothership

Porsche Digital was founded with the goal of helping Porsche digitalize the core and open up new business opportunities. Florian Rothfuss has been leading innovation projects for new business areas since the unit’s inception. He will discuss how Porsche Digital builds new digital businesses and interacts with the mothership. Key learnings on building digital businesses:

  • Aligning with the mothership but also fighting for the freedom to do things differently and take risks – creating a balance for each project
  • The crucial role of collaboration – ensuring all parties involved are partners and share risks and benefits
  • Having the humility and gratitude for innovating in new areas to avoid the polarization of the new and fancy vs processes and following rules – the transformation to a more agile and innovative organization should be driven by both sides
  • Starting with strong hypothesis development and empowered teams – and daring to cut projects if not successful
  • Organizing around project teams – empowering the teams and setting up projects as internal startups
  • Collaborating and investing in external startups to see the deal flow and have exposure to startup ecosystem – lessons learned

Michael McKay

Head of Design Thinking and UX Design

  • Innovation Lab
  • Customer Centric Innovation and Design Thinking

Thinking Visually and Building Stories – Leveraging Rich Narratives in Innovation

Michael McKay will lead a lab on how to use rich narratives in innovation. He will start the lab off by explaining the reasons for using narratives, and will introduce a template for participants to use in crafting their own storylines. Michael will also share different variations of narratives to serve as inspiration. The lab participants will learn and work on the following:

  • Understand the role narratives can play in innovation – and learn how to use narratives and build a storyline in their own work
  • Craft a storyline around a theme using provided visual props or their own sketches
  • Create a short film to document the storyline
  • Harvest learnings, share, and view other participants’ work during video screening of films

Robert Austin

Professor, Innovation & Digital Transformation

  • Digital Innovation and Transformation

Digital Transformation at GE: What Went Wrong?

As recently as five years ago, GE was held up as an example of how companies should do digital transformation. They were not waiting to be forced to change, people said, they were “disrupting themselves.” They invested heavily, creating an entirely new GE Digital division, aspiring to become a “top ten software company.” People believed them, partly because of GE’s longstanding reputation as one of the world’s best managed companies. But in 2018, it became apparent that this ambitious transformation had veered off course. The company fell into an extended and deep crisis. In November 2021, the company announced that it would split up, which the Wall Street Journal described as “the end of the GE we knew” and a page turning in business history.

In this interactive lab, we will discuss what they were trying to do and how they tried to do it, in an effort to figure out what went wrong. Our end objective will be to extract lessons relevant to all companies about how to succeed in established firms with digital transformation — what the GE story can tell us about mistakes to avoid and how we should proceed.

Ian Machan

Senior Industrial Fellow

  • Gamechanging Innovation and New Business Models
  • Digital Innovation and Transformation

How Product Manufacturers Can Develop Advanced Service Offers

Presentation: Based on the research and practical experience of The Advanced Services Group at Aston Business School, Ian Machan will present frameworks and tools to help manufacturing companies develop their own advanced services:

  • How competing through services leads to alternative services goals
  • The services staircase of basic, intermediate and advanced services – examples and its relation to digital technology
  • Four elements of the business model related to servitizing a manufacturer
  • Transformation roadmap with four key phases and four moving forces
  • Organizational challenges of moving to advanced services and the issue of integrated or separate business units Group

Exercise: Snakes and ladders service transformation game is an interactive group exercise that shares previous experiences in moving into advanced services. Using a snakes and ladder game format, the players are challenged to explore how the typical experiences of others would impact on their own company and their own potential to move into advanced services. It offers a tool to engage with others back in the home organization and jointly anticipate risks.

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