Participants at the Summit 2017 have the opportunity to visit selected innovation spaces in Copenhagen.
Limited availability – Registrations will open on 31 October at 14:00 CET.

Attendees can sign up to maximum one tour. We recommend attendees joining the Summit Dinner Party on 8 November to register to a tour on 7 November (if not possible, then you can join the dinner by taxi after the tour – our staff will be able to help you book one)

Additionally, for those not joining the Summit Dinner Party on 8 Nov, it’s possible to register for the canal tour only (18:30-20:00) – limited availability, pre-registration needed.

UNDERBROEN Urban Maker Space

When: 7 November (18:00) |  8 November (18:00)

UNDERBROEN is tomorrow’s manufacturing workshop where traditional craftsmanship is combined with modern digital production technologies. It is a meeting place and facilitates new relations between Makers, businesses and organizations via an open source logic where the development of specific prototypes, products and innovation processes takes place. The UNDERBROEN team will show its various workshops from wood, metal and textile over 3D printing and laser cutting to electronics and explain the approach of the creative platform while guiding groups through the vibrant and creative facilities in the heart of Copenhagen.

Duration: 45 min
Location: UNDERBROEN Christians Brygge 31, 1219 København K (12 min walk from Tivoli Hotel)

Registrations open: 31 October 2017

COPENHAGEN CONTEMPORARY Virtual Reality Art Exhibition

When: 8 November (17:50)
Virtual Reality (VR) has become one of the most exciting trends emerging within the world of art. While this new technology has inspired game developers for years, artists and storytellers have only just begun to explore the possibilities offered by VR. Copenhagen Contemporary, located by the famous StreetFood at Papirøen (should you not be joining the Summit Dinner Party, we recommend trying it!), introduces a range of international artists who experiment with VR in order to push boundaries and open up new spaces for art to inhabit – and explore.

Duration: 60 min
Location: COPENHAGEN CONTEMPORARY Trangravsvej 10-12, 1436 København K (transfer by canal boat)

Registrations open: 31 October 2017

KHORA Virtual Reality Experience

When: 7 November (18:00)
Ever wanted to explore the bottom of the ocean, test your fighting skills in a gladiator arena, or practice your shooting skills against zombies? At Khora, you will be able to immerse yourself in extraordinary worlds of virtual reality. Located in the trendy Meat Packing District, Khora is a virtual reality production house, the world’s first virtual reality store, and a hub for innovators.

Duration: 45 min
Location: Khora Høkerboderne 8, 1712 København V (14 min walk from Tivoli Hotel)

Registrations open: 31 October 2017

Registrations will open on 31 October at this page

Summit attendees will be reminded by e-mail on the day