Hosted by leading companies, our workshops are designed to enable in-depth knowledge exchange and dialogue between attendees, focusing on challenges of their interest and how to implement specific HR and innovation practices in their firms.

Each workshop is attended by 120-180 corporate participants and includes:
Presentations by executive speakers and industry experts
Immersive roundtable discussions on selected topics
Informal networking breaks to build connections

We plan to run our physical HR events again from January 2021.
Please check this page again from October 2020 to see the updated calendar of upcoming events


  • HR-Exclusive Workshops • events specifically for corporate HR professionals on the latest human resource topics
  • Innovation & HR Workshops • events on culture, leadership & agile together with our unique community of corporate innovation executives

Upcoming Events

Transforming Organizations for a Digital Future Building Organizational Capabilities for Renewal and Change – to Address the Digital Revolution and the Shift to a Circular Economy

Presentations by:
DHL, Bosch, Lanxess, Covestro, Deutsche Telekom, Volvo Group, P&G

Agenda Outline

DHLDigitalization and COVID-19: What will the new normal look like, and how will we get there?
Speaker details

BoschAchieving Real Transformation – Vision, Leadership, and Change Management Beyond the Cliché of ‘Transformation’
Speaker details

Roundtable Discussion I: Issues of special interest on digital and organizational transformation

LanxessTaking the Digital Transformation Journey – and Creating a Separate Digital Venture in the Form of a Chemical Marketplace
Speaker details

CovestroA Digital Transformation Journey: How to Enter a Completely New Area within a Conservative Industry
Speaker details

Lunch / Guided visit of the DHL Innovation Center

Deutsche TelekomThe Innovation HUB: A Skills-Based Organization With Six Chapters and a Mind-Set That Help Speed up Innovation and Culture Change
Speaker details

Roundtable Discussion II: Selection of topics

Volvo GroupNavigating Digital Transformation: Hyper-Leadership, Change Management, Getting People on Board, and Mobilizing the Ecosystem
Speaker details

P&GOrganizing for Digital, IoT, and AI: Team Structured Work, In-House Expertise, and Establishing Who Leads Amongst R&D, IT, Brands, and Business Units
Speaker details

Panel and Plenary Sharing

Drinks on the premises


Transforming established organizations to a new reality of VUCA and digital and circular economy, creating organizations that are fit for innovation and change, building leadership capabilities for change and agility, preparing and supporting people within the organization for change and upheaval.

Culture & Agility for Digitalization and Times of Change Being Nimble & Agile, and Cultivating a Culture of Innovation throughout the Company, to Deal with the Force of Digitalization and with Global Disruptions on Multiple Fronts

Agenda Outline

Design Thinking, Lean Startup & Agile Creating an Integrated Innovation Approach and Culture Using Elements of Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile

Agenda Outline


date and program might be subject to change

Design Thinking: making Design Thinking available to teams inside the firm and co-creating with customers.

Lean Startup: using experimentation and iteration and MVPs – also in asset-heavy industries.

Agile: being agile, and getting people and leaders on board.

Linking the Three Approaches: challenges & limitations of each, and using them in an integrated way to boost innovation in complex firms.

Coming soon

Agenda Outline

Previous Events

Agile & Lean Startup Culture Transforming Established Firms into Agile and Innovative Organizations with a Mindset of Experimentation and New Growth

Presentations by:
GE, Volkswagen, Bayer, Lufthansa, Manchester Univ.

Agenda Outline

GETransforming a Behemoth – Changing Course and Culture, and Implementing Lean Beyond the Factory Floor
Speaker details

Alliance Manchester Business SchoolHow Agile Leadership Can Transform Your Business: A Blueprint for Change in Our Digital Age
Speaker details

Roundtable Discussion I: 1) 8 ways to scale agile; 2) Selection of topics

Volkswagen Ideation:HubWorking Agile in a Non-Agile Environment: Setting Up Cross-Functional Teams and Combining with Design Sprints and Lean Startup
Speaker details

Roundtable Discussion II: 1) 8 ways to scale agile; 2) Selection of topics

BayerThe Journey in Adopting Lean and Agile, Building Networks of Coaches and Ambassadors, Changing the Culture, and Driving Intrapreneurship
Speaker details

Panel and Plenary Sharing, with feedback from exercises

Drinks on the premises

Lufthansa GroupPost-workshop session: Acting Agile in a Corporate World - A New Perspective on Collaboration Enacted with Improv
Speaker details


Agile: Bringing Agile Ways of Working to a Non-Agile Environment • Ten Key Transformational Steps for the Agile Journey • Developing Agile Teams as Step Towards Corporate Agility • Creating Practical Agile Leadership Principles from Best-In- Class Businesses and Leaders • Scaling Agile across Different Cultures • Overcoming Barriers to Agility and Becoming a More Agile Leader • Building an Outcome-Focused Agile Business That Is Innovative and Customer Centric • Adapting to Ever-Changing Competitive Conditions

Lean Startup, Design Thinking and Agile: Sequencing Design Thinking and Lean Startup by Identifying Problems, Building Prototypes, and Using Build-Measure-Learn Loops • Using an Integrative Approach, Combining Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile • Using Agile and Lean to Provide Context to Projects • Basing Design Thinking Process on Product Backlog with Epics and User Stories

Exercise: 8 ways to scale agile, and how to become a more agile leader.

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