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Terms & Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions apply to the Innovation Roundtable® 2024, rhe HR Innovation Roundtable® Summit 2024, and the Marketing Innovation Roundtable® Summit 2024, all taking place In Copenhagen between 5 and 7 November 2024 and henceforth referred as "The Summit".

Payment Terms

Payment of the delegate fee can be made either online via credit card at the end of the registration procedure, or via bank transfer within 30 days from receiving the invoice. Registrations received after 20 October 2024 must be paid immediately.

Cancellation Policy

If the registrant is hindered from joining the event he/she may find a replacement from within the same company. Such substitution is permitted at no extra charge at any time before the event date, subject to approval of the substitute by the Innovation Roundtable ApS. Innovation Roundtable ApS reserves the right to reject requests made by member firms to change a paid registration into one within the quota of seats included in the membership privileges. Cancellations received by email or post will be refunded with credit vouchers that can be used towards future events organised by Innovation Roundtable ApS, anytime within 18 months from issuance (subject to availability of seats at those events). Cancellation of parts of the event (e.g. one or two out of the three days) is not possible and will not result in a refund.

Privacy Policy

Delegate name, company, job title and picture will be included in the attendee list sent digitally to all delegates. This is done to enable networking amongst attendees, speakers and partners before, during, and after the Summit. In registering for the event, the delegate agrees to this use of the personal data, and to the use of the contact data by the Innovation Roundtable ApS for informative updates about the event or other events. The list may not be shared with parties outside the company in which the delegate is employed, including organizations with a commercial interest in using the list for promoting tools, services, or events. Innovation Roundtable ApS does not sell or rent out contact data. Presentations will be filmed and photographed (in agreement with speakers). There will also be filming and photographing throughout the Summit, so as to create documentation about the event and to have photos and film clips for promoting future events by the Innovation Roundtable ApS. Innovation Roundtable ApS undertakes to use recordings and photographs in such a way as not to cause embarrassment or discomfort to the delegate(s) portrayed. In registering for the Summit the delegate accepts: to appear in these materials; to waive all copyright; and to waive all right to payment or other compensation; and to waive all right to consultation or notice with respect to the use of these materials. (Speakers may, on the other hand, decide whether filming can be done of their presentations).

Contents and Copyright

Contents provided by speakers or others at the event may be copyright protected, and unauthorised duplication or distribution is prohibited. Similarly quoting of speakers or other attendees in social media must be done either with general or specific acceptance by the speaker or interlocutor. Innovation Roundtable ApS cannot be held liable for the contents of presentations, panels, and promotion materials at the Summit, as well as any references or quotes made on social media, since these are outside the control of the Innovation Roundtable ApS.

Adaptations to Programme or Conditions

Innovation Roundtable ApS reserves the right to alter or modify the programme, contents, schedule, publicised speakers and/or topics at any time. Innovation Roundtable ApS reserves the right to amend payment and cancellation policies and other terms and conditions at any stage, valid for any registration made after such a change. There may also be adaptations to these terms with retroactive effect to comply with regulations and best practices.

Force Majeure

In special situations, including, but not limited to, extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, sabotage, trade disputes, terrorism, virus epidemics, or war, the Innovation Roundtable ApS may decide to revoke any refund options. In the extreme case that the Innovation Roundtable ApS would need to move or cancel the event, the Innovation Roundtable ApS may or may not decide to communicate a new date for the event or issue credit vouchers for future events (subject to availability within 18 months from issuance), but will accept no liability for costs or damages incurred by registrants, including, but not limited to, airfare and hotel.

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