Innovation Roundtable® facilitates connections between innovation managers, in a setting where they can learn about best practices from executive speakers, discuss selected innovation topics, and share experiences with peers.

Our network and events are exclusively for multinational firms and provide a unique source of inspiration and new ideas for managers, helping them create an even stronger foundation for innovation in their companies.


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Membership Benefits

Join an effective platform and boost your company’s innovation capabilities and network at highly interactive and inspiring events hosted by leading firms.

Connect Connect

Network and build relations with corporate innovators from different industries

Each year over 4000 innovation managers from global firms attend our events, where ample time is dedicated to networking.

Learn Learn

Discover best innovation practices from senior corporate speakers and leading academic experts

Listen to straight-to-the-point talks focusing on implementation of innovation strategies and access exclusive online resources.

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See the over 130 multinational firms that are already part of our network.

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Discover our hosted workshops in Europe, US and China and the Summit

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Dr. Axel Roseno is the CEO of Innovation Roundtable® and External Lecturer at the Copenhagen Business School.

Dr. Roseno wrote his PhD in innovation in 2004 and has since worked actively with the topic: setting up and carrying out workshops, consulting for large firms, teaching executive MBAs, doing case research, and writing.

He has also published on the topic of new business creation in large firms, which is his core area of expertise.

Code of Conduct

Innovation Roundtable ApS is dedicated to behaving with integrity and complying with rules and regulations, including antitrust laws. All discussions and interactions at our events are completely voluntary, and the participants are expected to comply with their own companies’ rules, regulations and policies, as well as antitrust laws.

Force Majeure

In special situations, including, but not limited to, extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, sabotage, trade disputes, terrorism, virus epidemics, or war, the Innovation Roundtable ApS may not be able to deliver the services included in the membership. In such situations Innovation Roundtable ApS may or may not find other ways to provide value (e.g. having virtual events or transferring credits for events), but Innovation Roundtable ApS will not be obligated to do so, will not pay back membership fees, and will not accept any liability for costs or damages incurred by may members.