The Innovation Roundtable® network is exclusively for large multinational firms.

Different corporate membership packages are available and include:

Attendance at Workshops

1-day events hosted by leading firms in Europe, China and the US. Each workshop is attended by 150-200 innovation managers and focuses on a selected innovation topic

Companies can choose from a selection of membership packages, depending on how many workshops they would like to attend throughout the year and in which regions.

Member companies can send up to 3 delegates to each selected workshop, enabling different colleagues to experience the network by attending events on topics of specific relevance to them.

Innovation Roundtable® Summit

The world's largest gathering of innovation executives in large firms. 3 highly interactive days attended by 700 corporate innovators from over 300 multinational firms

Our European corporate membership packages include 2 tickets to the Innovation Roundtable® Summit in Copenhagen.

Member firms can also purchase additional Summit tickets at special members-only discounted rates.

Online Network

Access videos of presentations, reports, exclusive interviews and much more; find contacts and discuss online with peers

Each membership package includes a number of Full Access licenses to our online network, giving the individual user access to the full library of presentation videos, summaries, slides, interviews, reports – and to connect with other users of our global online community.

Other attendees without a Full Access license will primarily be able to see the resources and contacts only from events they have joined.

become a member

For further inquiries and for becoming members, please contact us at:


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