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The Summit

2 highly interactive days of peer-to-peer exchange and learning on key marketing and innovation topics

A unique corporate-only event
for marketing professionals

Connect Learn Share

Meet your peers in Marketing & Innovation at a unique event exclusively for corporate professionals

The marketing playbook is changing. In an increasingly digital world, creating relevant multichannel experiences and offerings requires a customer-centric, data-driven & agile organization. In times of unprecedented global challenges, brands must further engender a sense of purpose to guide and inspire employees, drive engagement with customers & partners, and build trust & long-lasting bonds.
The Summit is a unique opportunity to meet marketing professionals from multiple industries, learn how they address transformation and new challenges, and identify collaboration opportunities. The event’s format is highly interactive, combining insightful presentations with a variety of discussion sessions and ample time for networking.
3 Summits • 1 Ticket
Marketing Innovation Roundtable® Summit attendees can also join several sessions from the 10th Innovation Roundtable® Summit, the world’s largest gathering of corporate innovation executives (attended in 2023 by over 600 corporate innovators from 300+ multinational firms), and from the HR Innovation Roundtable® Summit – all taking place in parallel at the same venue.
Our Background

Innovation Roundtable® has organized over 200 large-scale corporate-only events in Europe, Asia, and the US since 2008.

Marketing Innovation Roundtable® is our new corporate-only network and series of events, launched in Fall 2022 with the first edition of our Marketing Summit. The network is designed to facilitate connection, learning and exchange among marketing professionals in large multinational firms – and with peers working in innovation.

Our Summits

Established in 2014, the Innovation Roundtable® Summit has been joined by a growing number of corporate professionals year after year, all praising how it is different from other conferences in being carefully designed for knowledge sharing and generating valuable connections.

We are excited to expand the Summit to include dedicated programs for HR and Marketing professionals, and to facilitate dialogue and exchange among corporate leaders from different functions and industries.


The Marketing Innovation Roundtable Summit is a one-of-a-kind event, enabling you to:

Meet with peers working in marketing in large multinational companies

to share experiences and learn best practices on key marketing themes and trends

Connect with other corporate leaders at our Innovation & HR Summits

taking place in parallel, enabling you to gain different perspective and discuss with them how to turn customer insights into successful innovations, building a customer-centric, agile and collaborative organizational culture, as well as attracting and evolving marketing talent


Cohesive customer experiences are not built in silos

Meet hundreds of corporate innovation leaders at our 7th Innovation Summit and learn how innovation and marketing can work together.

Join talks and labs on Agile, Design Thinking, Sustainability, Digital, Ecosystems, Business Model Innovation and more!


Talent and culture are key to marketing transformation

Join sessions on corporate HR themes, connect and exchange with participants from our new HR Summit.

Learn and discuss on topics such as Future of Work, Employer Branding, Employee Experience, People Analytics and more!

2 highly interactive days

Discover the different types of sessions and activities you will be experiencing at the Summit and request a detailed program of the event

Please note: Since the Summit is open exclusively to attendees from large corporations, the detailed program will be sent only to individuals within such firms.


Learn best practices in marketing, strategic insights and first hand experiences from 30+ senior executive speakers and experts

Track talks and keynotes are concise and straight to the point. Presentations are organized by theme, enabling you to select the most relevant ones for you.

Each day includes more time for interaction than presentation in order to ensure high levels of energy and exchange.

Roundtable Discussions

Share experiences with your corporate peers and gain valuable insights and new ideas

Choose among several key marketing and innovation topics within each of the themes of the Summit, as well as challenges submitted by attendees, and discuss them in depth at tables moderated by peers.

Peer-to-peer discussion tables are exclusively for corporate attendees, ensuring in-depth knowledge exchange without commercial agenda. 

Interactive Labs

Immerse yourself in your favourite topics by joining interactive labs facilitated by leading academic & corporate experts

Labs are organized across different themes and include:
  • Brief presentations to frame discussions
  • Group discussions at the roundtables
  • Plenary discussion and debriefing of group work
After the event, you can download a copies of the Lab worksheets and use them for internal workshops and training purposes in your company.
Informal Networking

Connect with 700+ peers working in marketing and other roles in large multinational firms at an exclusive corporate-only event

With 25+ hours dedicated to informal networking and several roundtable discussions and labs, the Summit offers unparalleled opportunities to generate valuable connections. Marketing Innovation Roundtable® Summit attendees can also join sessions and meet participants from our Innovation & HR Summits, taking place in parallel at the same venue

Network with other Summit participants in a relaxed and informal evening atmosphere

Attendance at the Summit includes a networking buffet dinner on the evening of 5 Nov.

The Pre-Summit dinner (4 Nov) and Summit Dinner Show & Party (6 Nov) will take place in exclusive and picturesque Copenhagen locations: tickets for those can be purchased at this link.

Tours & Evening Program

Explore innovation spaces in Copenhagen and get inspired by talks and activities from the evening program

Visit an urban innovation hub, a VR production house and other creative spaces in CopenhagenGet inspired by a program of not-business-as-usual talks and group activities after working hours.

Learn more about the tours and evening activities

Digital Resources

After the event, attendees will receive access to presentation slides and videos, summaries, and a report of key takeaways on our online network.

Request the detailed agenda of the Marketing Innovation Roundtable® Summit

Please note: Since the Summit is open exclusively to attendees from large corporations, the detailed program will be sent only to individuals within such firms

Request Program

Thank you for your interest in the Marketing Innovation Roundtable Summit. Please fill in this form to request the detailed program.

The Summit is open exclusively to attendees from large firms, hence the program will be sent only to individuals within such companies.

VIRTUAL 2022  Online, 8-10 March

2024 Copenhagen, 5-7 November

Coming soon...

SPRING 2022  Copenhagen, 10-12 May

3 Summits • 1 Ticket

VIRTUAL  On-Demand


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